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The Four Best Practices for Organizing Your CAD System Drawings

One of the main causes of disorganization is the multiple files that any CAD system will generate. Without an organized file system in place that is used consistently, CAD files can quickly become overwhelming piles of lost treasures. To help, here are some best practices for organizing your CAD system that I’ve used over the years to keep myself out of trouble.


Ensure Electronic Requirements for Medical Devices Are Met With A Contract Partner

Many of these new tools require advanced electronics to drive their functionality. These circuit boards usually have to be developed quickly to meet a new and pressing need while maintaining the highest level of quality to ensure safe and reliable treatment. Achieving these goals requires adherence to an elaborate array of electronic requirements for medical devices, including industry standards of conformity and manufacturability. Here are some of the requirements that contract manufacturers have to meet to build electronics for medical devices.

PCB Beveling for Edge Connectors

PCB Material Management for High-Frequency Applications Best Practices

Proper materials management is essential in all aspects of our lives, from cooking ingredients to choosing the right paint colors for a house. It’s also crucial in manufacturing printed circuit boards, especially when those PCBs are operating at high frequencies. Here are some PCB material management for high-frequency considerations to keep in mind for your next design.


Benefits of PCB Functional Testing Methods with Your Contract Manufacturing Partner

There are many different tests and inspections that a circuit board will go through during manufacturing. Some of these tests are designed to catch specific problems or conditions, while others are more general. All testing culminates with the final functional test to ensure that the board is ready to operate. This article will examine these different tests and explore the benefits of PCB functional testing methods.