Automotive PCB Manufacturer for LIDAR Technology & Autonomous Vehicles

Developing Life-Saving Electronics
for the Automotive Industry

Automotive PCB manufacturer

For years, we have worked hand-in-hand with companies like yours developing next-generation technologies for the automotive industry. Not only do we have a passion for this work, but we’re motivated by the knowledge that we are contributing to the development of vehicle systems that will continue to make driving safer.

As an automotive PCB manufacturer based in the heart of Silicon Valley, we at VSE understand the problems associated with the overburdened highway system better than most. We are committed to using our experience, advanced processes and facilities, and our passion for this work to manufacture the highest quality PCBAs for new technology development in the automotive industry.

A Skilled NPI Automotive PCB Manufacturer

As an automotive manufacturer, your goal with any new product likely revolves around a few things: improving the user experience, making traffic more efficient, and creating a safer transportation environment. 

For years at VSE, we’ve partnered with the some of the largest automotive manufacturers in the industry to build the electronics that power the systems that achieve these goals. We’ve been on the leading edge of LIDAR technology and the industrial equipment to build it, and have worked with clients to develop BlueTooth electronics and PCBs for autonomous vehicle systems. We’re experts in bringing new automotive designs to life and can offer several advantages in building your NPI:

    • Our manufacturing operations are the result of more than 30 years of experience building circuit boards. We have a highly trained staff using the latest state-of-the-art equipment in a modern, highly efficient facility. 
    • We are a local, U.S.-based company that will keep your proprietary information safe. 
    • Our quick-turn processes can get you an NPI build in 48 hours thanks to our proximity and processes, ultimately improving your time to market.
    • Our prototype design and engineering expertise will ensure the best quality NPI builds. 

We understand how important time to market is in the automotive industry, and our processes are geared toward helping you stay ahead of the competition. As a local company focused on providing quick-turn quality electronics, we are positioned to best help you with your NPI projects.

Quality Automotive PCB Prototypes with Full Traceability

While time to market is critical, you also can’t afford to compromise quality if you want to maintain your lead. Here at VSE, we excel in providing you both a quick turn on your circuit board builds and in making sure that they are built to the highest levels of quality. Our PCB manufacturing will give your project the “pole position” in the race to develop new technologies. Here are some of the quality benefits we’ll bring to the starting line for you:

Complete documentation. We have a specialized customer database that we use to track all aspects of your project, from general questions to the smallest part changes. With this tracking, we can quickly provide you with the documentation you need to satisfy your process requirements.

Full traceability. In addition to our customer database, all components and materials used in our factory are bar-coded so that they can be scanned and tracked. This ensures we can provide detailed traceability on the parts and materials used in your circuit boards whenever you need it.

Quality-controlled processes. Our processes are documented and controlled through our ISO 9001 certification. This will give you the assurance that your job is being managed according to ISO standards.

Building Your Cutting-Edge Automotive Technologies

The development work that we are doing here at VSE with LIDAR technology and autonomous vehicle systems is extremely important to the growth of the automotive industry, and we’re proud to be a part of this process. Without this development, there wouldn’t be the advancements in automotive systems we see on the road today. 

Many of the products we build allow us to participate not only in creating life-saving technologies, such as autonomous vehicle systems, but also in the creation of unknown advancements still around the corner. Partner with us today to help you create the technology of tomorrow. We have the experience and skills to build the PCBAs for developing technology in the automotive industry.

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