Automotive CAN Bus: Connecting Next-Gen Sensor Tech

Developing Life-Saving Electronics
for the Automotive Industry

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The increasing prevalence of electronic systems in automobiles necessitates a more comprehensive approach to the communication protocols connecting them. The automotive CAN (or controller area network) bus connects these disparate electronics to regulate and direct commands, flags, and interrupts for the microcontroller that mediates modern safety sensors. VSE has worked hand-in-hand with companies developing next-generation safety technologies for the automotive industry for years, and we are committed to manufacturing the highest quality PCBAs for new developments in the automotive sector that save lives.

Automotive CAN Bus Applications
Engine control The CAN bus can collect information from multiple systems and shut off the engine at a full stop to conserve fuel.
Electric parking brake Assists vehicle braking using a tilt sensor when stationary on an incline.
Parking assist Side mirrors can tilt downward when the reverse gear is engaged.
Collision avoidance Cameras and LIDAR can track lane departure and institute automatic braking in the event of a potential head-on collision.

Connecting Life-Saving Sensors With an Automotive CAN Bus

New products revolve around creating a safer transportation infrastructure for automotive manufacturers. The CAN bus is central to this goal: a protocol of signals and messaging between components establishes baseline communication, and unlike RS-232 (or other point-to-point systems), the CAN bus broadcasts to all components simultaneously, allowing each to discern the message (and respond appropriately, if at all). Since communication is, at most, a three-step process (i.e., a signal from sensor to controller to relevant mechanical system), it’s much more efficient in terms of circuit design and troubleshooting than communication that requires a non-controller intermediary. Adding or removing sensor circuit blocks is trivial regarding system integration since all CAN bus circuitry is secondary in the hierarchy. The CAN bus protocol also contains multiple built-in error detection and serial processing methods.

VSE has partnered with some of the largest automotive manufacturers in the industry to build out the communications powering these CAN bus systems. We’ve been on the leading edge of LIDAR technology and industrial equipment for production. We have worked with clients to develop Bluetooth electronics and PCBs for autonomous vehicle systems. We’re experts in bringing new automotive designs to life and can offer several advantages in building NPIs:

  • Our manufacturing operations result from more than 40 years of experience building circuit boards. We have a highly trained staff using the latest state-of-the-art equipment in a modern, highly efficient facility.
  • We are a local, U.S.-based company that will protect IP and proprietary information with robust network security.
  • Our quick-turn processes can get you an NPI build in 48 hours thanks to our proximity and processes, ultimately improving time to market.
  • Our prototype design and engineering expertise will ensure the best quality NPI builds.

Quality Automotive PCB Prototypes with Full Traceability

While time to market is critical, it can’t come at the expense of quality. Here at VSE, we excel in providing you both a quick turn on your circuit board builds and ensuring that they adhere to the highest levels of quality. Our PCB manufacturing gives projects a pole position in developing new technologies:

Complete documentation – We have a specialized customer database to track all aspects of your project, from general questions to engineering change orders (ECOs). We can quickly provide the documentation you need to satisfy your process requirements.

Full traceability – Besides our customer database, all components and materials used in our factory are bar-coded to establish a production chain. This organization ensures we can provide detailed traceability of the parts and materials down to the individual PCBA.

Quality-controlled processes – Our processes are documented and controlled through our ISO 9001 certification.

Building Your Cutting-Edge Automotive Technologies

The development work performed at VSE with automotive CAN bus systems is fueling improved safety measures for drivers. Many of the products we build allow us to participate in creating life-saving technologies, such as semi-autonomous vehicle systems, and in laying the groundwork for future advancements still around the corner. Partner with us today to help you create tomorrow’s technology; we have the experience and skills to build the PCBAs for developing technology in the automotive industry.

If you are looking for a CM that prides itself on its care and attention to detail to ensure that each PCB assembly is built to the highest standards, look no further than VSE. Contact us today to learn more about partnering with us for your next project.

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