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Whether due to scope or a backlog of work, companies searching for a contract manufacturer (CM) need the expertise to realize innovative designs. Design for manufacturing (DFM) is a core principle of PCB engineering services – the most immaculate layout means little if design rules exceed equipment precision, for example. Design and manufacturing team partners must pore through project files to ensure the highest quality and yield; at VSE, we aim to leave no stone in delivering the best PCBA possible.

An Overview of the PCB Design Process
Schematic Capture The layout designer transfers the schematic information (circuit connections, associated component land patterns, etc.) into the layout environment.
Placement The layout designer places the board’s components, observing any design document requirements for specific placement (e.g., connectors).
Ground and Power Planes Designers will shape copper pours for ground and power distribution that promote signal and power integrity with low-impedance connections.
Routing Trace routing connects individual pins between components. Designers will first emphasize critical signals like clocks, data lines, and differential pairs before routing less sensitive nets.
Prototyping / Testing Small-run production lots confirm the functionality and performance of the design.
Revisions Refinement of the layout design for cost and performance ensures optimal mid-to-high volume manufacturing.

Dependable PCB Engineering Services for PCBAs, Cable Assembly, Enclosures, and Box Builds

Upon receipt, designs at VSE will immediately go to the engineering department for a thorough inspection for manufacturing improvement. A first pass ensures designs adhere to the constraints of manufacturing equipment and processes. If any changes are necessary, our engineering team will communicate these issues for customer redesign/revision and can also spearhead and implement solutions to free up customer workload.

Design Review

Detailed engineering review of your designs to ensure manufacturability

With years of experience and a diverse manufacturing skillset, our engineering team has a proven track record of uncovering potential defect sources before engaging in production. With thorough documentation of these design issues and brisk resolution, the engineering team can minimize redesign turnaround time to stay ahead of tight manufacturing deadlines. The approach institutes a breakdown of design readiness for a host of production aspects:


Our engineers have vast experience identifying PCB design for manufacturing challenges, such as solder mask webbing widths or misplaced silkscreen nomenclature.


We can identify components whose placement might introduce assembly problems due to spacing or rotation by investigating the design for assembly appropriateness.


The location and spacing of test points are essential for design for testability so test fixtures can adequately connect with the circuitry on your board for testing.

Component Selection Review

An integral design review section examines part selection for availability and product lifecycle status. We determine if the specified components are (and will remain) available and recommend suitable replacements while minding cost, RoHS compliance, and other primary assembly considerations.

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Product Design

Enlist our engineering team to take point on necessary DFM corrections

Ideally, a design review for manufacturability results in little (if any) corrective action before production begins. Where there are potential issues or a potential to optimize performance, the engineering team can adjust a design with customer approval. The engineering department can provide the following services (including turnkey manufacturing):

PCB layout – While the schematic is the basis of a PCBA’s logical connections, the design shines at the layout level. Whether optimizing for manufacturing, assembly, testing, or all three, the engineering team can handle any necessary changes to the design and has a wealth of experience working with industry-leading ECAD platforms.

Wire harness and cable assembly – While a PCBA may be self-contained, integration with other boards is commonplace for richer functionality and performance. Like a trace on the board, a signal is only as stable as its connection: cable construction requires the appropriate materials and design within the sub-assembly that minimizes stress-strain buildup that can reduce service life. 

Enclosures – PCBAs need proper enclosures to protect against moisture and particle ingress that impede performance and longevity. Additional concerns regarding thermal management may also necessitate rectification at the enclosure level. Whatever the MCAD needs, the engineering team can accomplish intricate mechanical designs using leading software platforms.

The engineering team at VSE is proficient in the following areas:

  • Product Design
  • Electrical Circuit Design
  • PCB Layout and Design
  • Harness and Cable Design
  • Electronic Packaging Design
  • Component Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Manufacturing Engineering
  • Test Engineering

Experienced and Skilled Engineers Committed to Collaboration and Customer Service

At VSE, we’ve helped our customers meet their unique challenges within every element of the PCBA process for over forty years. We’ve partnered with companies across many industries, including medical equipment, biotechnology, and semiconductor production equipment. Our PCB engineering services help bridge the gap between innovative designs and products with life-changing and life-saving applications.

If you are looking for a CM that prides itself on its care and attention to detail to ensure that each PCB assembly is built to the highest standards, look no further than VSE. Contact us today to learn more about partnering with us for your next project.

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