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Careful PCB construction

Whether you need precision turn-key manufacturing or the highest quality rapid prototype builds, we have the expertise you are looking for. With over 38 years in the industry, we at VSE know how best to build and assemble printed circuit boards, box builds, and cable assemblies to meet your needs. Our manufacturing and testing processes are fine-tuned for precision, while our engineering department is staffed with industry experts. With our ISO 9001 and 13485 registrations as well as our UL 508A and IPC 610 compliances, you can be assured we have the technical proficiency you need for your designs. Let us build your next project for you, and we’ll show you why Valley Services Electronics is the best custom PCB and electronics manufacturing service you can choose.

PCB Manufacturing with Professional Engineering and Prototyping Services

At VSE, we are industry leaders in PCB manufacturing and assembly, delivering the best results quickly. Whether we’re manufacturing boards for a prototype or a production run, our end-to-end services include expert engineering insights. See how our scope of manufacturing, engineering, and prototyping services are going to be working for you.


When you deliver your design to us, we first run a DFX analysis for manufacturability and testability. Our in-house engineering team will work with you to resolve any potential design and manufacturing issues, while our component engineering team will work to resolve any potential component problems. Once the review has been completed, the procurement activity and process mapping will begin.

After receiving the bare PCBs from one of our qualified fabricators, we move your PCB through each step of the manufacturing process in a systematic fashion. From the manufacturing line, the assembled board will then go into testing, followed by quality assurance. Completed boards that are first articles will then be presented for your approval before production continues. Once you have signed off on the first article, regular production runs commence, and your boards will be securely packaged and promptly shipped back to you when completed.



Before manufacturing starts, our engineering team dives into your data and documentation. The engineers at VSE are specialized in DFM, DFA, and DFT methodologies to make sure that every customer receives the same expert level of engineering support. Our review of your design for manufacturability and testability will help us to work with you to resolve any potential issues. If needed, we can provide the expertise to redesign your project for you.

We support a number of different PCB layout tools here at VSE, including Allegro, Altium, and PADs. Our staff can make design changes for manufacturability for you, or do the entire layout of your design. Our expertise also covers areas such as the complete chassis build of your product, along with any necessary interconnecting cables and harnesses. Whatever your engineering requirements are, we are ready to supply you with the help that you need.



Do you have an NPI or a proof-of-concept design that you need quickly? We can handle that for you as well. At VSE, we have an entirely separate team that specializes in prototype builds. Using a fast-tracked manufacturing process allows our dedicated prototyping team to focus on a limited run, quick turnaround, in order to complete your design in the shortest amount of time possible.

We will assign a product specialist to fast-track your design through all the steps of the production process. Parts are immediately procured, PCBs are ordered from a quick-turn fabricator, and your board is ready for assembly the next day. Through all of this, our engineering staff will be working with you to resolve any potential design and manufacturing issues, enacting on-the-fly design adjustments that will produce boards to meet your needs. The product specialist will walk your design through the entire manufacturing process, ensuring your board is completed and shipped back to you as quickly as possible, allowing your product development to continue.


End-To-End PCB Manufacturing at VSE:
Your Printed Circuit Board from Start to Finish

End-To-End PCB Manufacturing Flowchart
End-To-End PCB Manufacturing Flowchart


For the Highest Quality End-To-End PCB Manufacturing Services, Choose VSE

Valley Services Electronics has years of experience supplying the needs of the medical equipment, biotechnology, semiconductor production equipment, industrial, and energy industries. We constantly strive to work with our clients to produce only the best PCBs, and we constantly improve our services to meet their evolving needs.

Repeat business is the hallmark of excellence, and our many longstanding partnerships are a testament to what we can do for you. Come take a look at how our manufacturing and engineering expertise can help your product or prototype. Contact us today to find out how we can best partner with you on your next PCB manufacturing project.

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