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You need an industrial control panel built—and you need it done right. That means experienced UL508A-certified  industrial control panel manufacturers specializing in precision assembly techniques. Above all, the greatest need is for a partner is to prioritize safety just as you do. Circuit board designers are familiar with VSE for our commitment to excellence from the initial engineering of a circuit board through the entire assembly process; however, we also specialize in building complementary hardware like industrial control panels and box-build assemblies. With our UL508A certification, we can quickly and efficiently build robust industrial electronics while providing the highest quality and most reliable product.

NEMA Ratings for Enclosure Grades

1 Protects against incidental contact of interior parts and dirt ingress.
2 As above, but also dripping water.
3R As above, but also ingress of dirt and water blown by wind, icing over.
4 Protects against rain, splash, and jet water.
4X As above, with corrosion protection.
12 Protects against ingress of dripping water, dust, oil, and coolants.
13 Protects against dripping water, dust, spraying oil, and coolants.

UL508A-Certified Industrial Control Panel Manufacturers

Safety is one of your highest concerns at VSE for the long service life and continuous control panel operation. We’ve added UL508A certification to our industry and safety registrations and certifications list to support our customers’ needs. Any devices with the UL508A certification mark indicate that they adhere to the industry’s most exacting standards and regulations. Relevant products that carry this designation can include some of the following electronic devices:

  • Enclosures or sub-panels that contain motor controllers, fused disconnect switches, and overload relays.
  • Circuit breakers and control circuit components, including pilot lights, selector switches, timers, control relays, and push buttons.
  • Operational components whose performance is necessary for the combined power and control circuit components (and associated terminals or wiring).

No matter what your control panel or other industrial electronics contain, you can be confident that certified, experienced professionals oversee manufacturing. We have ample experience with various industrial projects, from complex PCBAs to large integrated racks and box-build assemblies.

How VSE Assists Industrial Equipment Projects

At VSE, our engineering and manufacturing teams have guided and assisted box-build logistics for various industries, including medical and semiconductor products. We understand your unique needs when it comes to industrial control panels and electronics, including the following:

Documentation: While building industrial control panels, we create a documentation package to facilitate a successful audit by UL. This documentation includes interior product photographs and descriptions, allowing the auditor to find specific terminals, connections, and parts quickly: the part photographs, data sheets, and purchase records provide an easy path for the auditor to verify the product’s compliance.


Experienced engineering resources: Our engineers are well-versed in industrial product manufacturing regulations, ensuring that you will have the highest quality control panels and industrial electronics built for you. Many of our customers seek help and recommendations in their design, especially in access and serviceability. Our engineers are ready to assist in creating the most efficiently laid-out product while enshrining the safety of the end users as the highest priority.


A neat, organized, and professional build: Our technicians custom-build your control panel to the finest detail. Cable and harness assembly proceeds according to a controlled cable methodology and the internal components are carefully placed and connected with robust terminations. Not only does this make for a good-looking control panel, but it also ensures that it is built for safe operation and will easily pass inspection.


Building Industrial Control Panels and Electronics to Meet Your Needs

Designers need an industrial control panel manufacturer who can lend their input and expertise to physically realize a project. You need a partner:

  • That understands the appropriate UL requirements.
  • That builds a product that will pass conformance validation.
  • With design and engineering resources available for consultation.
  • Who shares the same priority for the safe operation of industrial equipment.
  • That provides the industry’s most comprehensive documentation on every product built.

At VSE, we’re well-equipped to fulfill all these needs in each industrial product we work on. We have the capabilities and experience you require—tell us how we can help you with your next project.

If you are looking for a CM that prides itself on its care and attention to detail to ensure that each PCB assembly is built to the highest standards, look no further than VSE. Contact us today to learn more about partnering with us for your next project.

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