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VSE’s Expert PCB Services for Semiconductor, Medical, Tech, & Industrial Companies

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Your innovations are important, and VSE will partner with you to share them with the world. Our experience is vast, and we have a long history of helping bring these life-changing and life-enhancing inventions to market.

During our time in Silicon Valley, we have partnered with companies across many industries. We hold certifications in a number of various industry standards and regulations—from ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 to Copy-Exactly methodology and ITAR registration—and we have the depth of experience you need for your next project.

Industries We Serve

Semiconductor Equipment

VSE is certified to the most stringent semiconductor manufacturing standards, including Copy-Exactly, SSQA, RBA and ISO 9001. Due to our commitment to excellence in the quality, reliability, and repeatability of the semiconductor products we manufacture, the largest OEM semiconductor equipment innovators choose to partner with us.

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Medical Equipment

ISO 13485 registered and licensed by the State of California for medical device manufacturing, VSE is uniquely qualified to manufacture your medical devices. Our years of experience and expertise in manufacturing allow us to partner with the leaders in the medical equipment market.

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With the expansive technology growth in the automotive sector, VSE has found itself partnering more frequently with market leaders. Areas of expertise include LIDAR and autonomous vehicle sensor systems. Our experience, skills, and certifications put us in the driver’s seat when it comes to manufacturing your automotive-related products.

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Industrial Equipment

At VSE, we are UL508A certified, which is the standard for industrial control panels. We have years of experience partnering with clients like you, and we know how to build your industrial equipment from PCBs to large integrated racks so that they are fully compliant with industrial equipment standards.

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Green Technology

As part of the RBA (Responsible Business Alliance) Code of Conduct, we are fully committed to making sure that our business operations are environmentally responsible and conducted ethically. This commitment to the RBA standards (as well as our compliance with RoHS requirements) is evident in our manufacturing of your green technology products.

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You need precision and commitment to excellence in the manufacturing of energy products, and at VSE we have the skills that you are looking for. We understand the manufacturing standards and regulations required for energy products, and adhere to them in all the work we do.

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At VSE, we have a long history of partnering with telecommunications clients. You can trust that our processes and procedures, including environmental testing, will ensure that your products are manufactured and function according to your long-term performance expectations.

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VSE applies the same level of expertise and commitment to quality in the manufacturing of biotechnology electronics as we do for our medical equipment. By following the same standards of excellence, we can guarantee the quality you need for the development of your biotech products.

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Clean Technology

As more and more products today are being made for clean technology industries, we are putting our same level of expertise into the manufacturing of these products as with everything else we do. We are committed to delivering the level of excellence your clean technology products require.

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supply chainFear of flying is a common phobia. The physics of the situation is one thing to wrap your head around, but the precision and reliability of the onboard electronics also give pause. Everyone has dealt with faulty electronics at some point in their life.

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Our PCBA Solutions Offer the Expertise You’re Searching For

We’ve assembled PCBs and electromechanical box builds for advanced laser tools for hospitals, semiconductor equipment, and communication authentication and security systems. Our PCBs have been used by all sorts of industries for many purposes, from LASIK equipment to wildlife photography systems. No matter what your large-scale capital equipment production needs are, we can help.

Some of our key services include:


  • Engineering Review & Corrections
  • Component Purchasing & Build Kit Preparation
  • BOM Analysis
  • PCB Fabrication by Certified Suppliers
  • Board Assembly
  • Chassis Assembly
  • Cable and Harness Assembly


  • Automated Optical Inspection (AOI)
  • X-Ray
  • Functional Test
  • Cablescan
  • In-Circuit Test (ICT)
  • Environmental Testing
  • Lab-View

Engineering and Design

  • DFX (Design for Manufacturing, Assembly, and Test)
  • Component Selection Review
  • PCB Layout
  • Harness & Cable Design
  • Electronic Package Design
  • EOL Component Redesign


  • Engineering DFX Review
  • Dedicated Prototyping Team
  • Fast-Tracked Manufacturing
  • Component Lifecycle Review
  • Process Capability Certification
  • Functional First Article

No Other End-to-End Engineering & PCBA Solutions Provider Comes Close

VSE partners with the world’s leading tech innovators because, after more than three decades in the industry, our engineering, design, manufacturing, and testing services are the best available. We can give you the competitive edge with a faster time-to-market, greater manufacturing efficiency and flexibility, and more value for your total cost of production. Why are we so confident in our ability to help your business achieve its goals? Because the proof is in our work.

We serve a wide range of technology companies worldwide, building components that appear in countless industrial electronic products in use daily. Any time clients need high-quality PCB manufacturing—whether it’s for biotechnology or automotive, medical equipment or semiconductors—we offer the value-added manufacturing services and engineering expertise they need.

Since VSE began, we have partnered with companies like yours, building the latest innovative products. For the best contract manufacturing in Silicon Valley, contact us today and find out how our various services can help you.

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