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Providing PCB and Electronics Manufacturing & Design Services for over 35 Years

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Like many other Silicon Valley success stories, Valley Services Electronics (VSE) began in our founder’s garage. Since 1981, we’ve built our company on self-refinement, diligent customer service, and hard work, holding true to those values as we’ve grown. And we’ve stayed within Silicon Valley—the heart of the electronics industry—helping it evolve from within. Historic change has happened right in our backyard. Today we’re still leading the contract manufacturing industry: using cutting-edge PCBA solutions and top-quality systems to serve a wide range of technology companies, worldwide.


We exist to bring life-changing and life-saving devices to market through our partnerships with world-leading innovators of technology

Valley Services Electronics helps innovators bring new products to market by offering all the services you need from a PCB manufacturer. We’re a one-stop, specialized shop; offering engineering, design, manufacturing, and testing services for your printed circuit board assembly. Whether you’re trying to quickly get an NPI off the ground or need a reliable CM to consistently provide high-quality production runs of vital products, our team has the flexibility to fulfill your needs.


Valley Services Electronics Aims to Provide Value-Added Services for Excellence

More than anything, VSE is a team of experts that values your success. We put our years of experience, craftsmanship, and passion to work bringing your vision to life. The result is your product, brought to market within your timeframe, rendered in the utmost quality. And in all we do, we remember what drives us.


At VSE, we see our customers as partners, and your goals become ours. Which is why we work to your schedule to meet your needs.


We make your job easier by being a one-stop service for all your PCB requirements. From assembly to troubleshooting, from chassis design to cabling, we provide it all.


Our steadfast commitment to achieving zero defects in everything we produce ensures a quality product for our clients, each and every time.

Ingenuity, flexibility, expertise. We cultivate all of these qualities and you see the rewards. We take pride in our work, but the real pride is seeing how that helps you achieve your business goals.


Our Commitment to CARE Helps You Succeed

Being able to commit to our customers and their success as well as provide the service and products that they need comes from a set of values that we have adopted here at VSE: CARE.


Customer Focus

Everything we do truly revolves around our customers’ individualized needs, and how we can best work with you to make your projects succeed.



When we say we’ll do something, we do it. Your success is our success, and we will do everything it takes to deliver what you expect on time and within budget.



We hold a high level of respect for customer and coworker alike—and that carries over into every aspect of our business, ensuring strong partnerships that continue for years.



We are constantly in pursuit of excellence. Our goal at VSE is to ensure the manufacturing of zero-defect products to exceed your quality standards—and our own.

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When you work with VSE, you’re partnering with the best PCB assembly engineers and technicians in the industry. That starts with an experienced management team comprised of respected electronics manufacturing professionals.

Join Our Team

Are you passionate about creating superior products that delight customers? Do you want to be part of an elite team that values flexibility, technical skill, and ingenuity? Then come work with us. We’re always looking out for new talent to improve our offerings, and you could be the next great addition to our team. If you think you’d be perfect for VSE, email your resume with a cover letter to jobs@vse.com.


We serve technology companies both local and worldwide, in a variety of industries, including medical, biotech, semiconductors, industrial, energy, telecommunications, and green and clean tech. We only deliver superior products that exceed industry and compliance standards. We’re agile, responsive, and able to bring your product to market fast. And we can do it better than anyone else in town.

If you have a product whose PCBs need to be built to exacting standards, or if you’re working on a prototype that requires a quick turn, trust VSE. We’re the PCBA partner that has the expertise and specialized systems to make your vision a reality.

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