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Precision Manufacturing of Telecommunications Hardware

HALT and HASS test methodologies

At one time, the telecommunications industry brought images of switchboard operators and princess phones to mind, but those days are long gone. Today, the telecom industry encompasses much more than just telephones and their related networks. It now includes all forms of communication devices, networks, and security. Telecommunications security is a growth industry all in its own and includes biometric technology for facial recognition and retinal scan systems.

To provide the necessary platforms for these new and evolving systems requires some of the most advanced electronic designs being done today. Companies, like yours, that are creating the printed circuit board designs for these devices need the services of a highly qualified PCB contract manufacturer to build them. Not only are the skills and capabilities of these CMs in high demand, but CMs that understand the industry and its needs, and that can respond promptly with quality products and services, are rare. Fortunately, at VSE, we have built our business and our reputation around our ability to deliver the specific, high-quality results that you are looking for.

Advanced Electronics for the Growing Telecommunications Industry

As the telecom industry continues to grow, there is a continual need for new systems to handle networks, security, and other telecommunication infrastructure. To meet these demands and to stay on top of the market, you need your new products designed, built, and tested as quickly as possible with the highest level of quality. At VSE, we specialize in new product introduction (NPI) builds and know what you need for a successful prototype, including:

  • Printed circuit board materials and processes that support the environment your product will be operating in.
  • Components with a life expectancy and availability that meet the requirements for the product being built.
  • Access to qualified engineering resources for design and design for manufacturing (DFM) recommendations that will benefit your product.

Above all, we know you require your PCBAs to operate within a defined range of environmental conditions. That’s why, at VSE, our manufacturing and testing processes are geared to ensure your boards do just that.

The Best Contract Manufacturer for Your PCB Telecom Needs

For the stringent demands of telecommunications equipment, you need PCB manufacturing that is tightly controlled, validated, and follows a set process. At VSE, those qualities are ingrained in our core business values:

Manufacturing processes: Our proprietary assembly process has been developed and refined over many years as we built products for the telecom and other demanding industries. Our processes are designed and fine-tuned to support the boards your industry needs. Not only does this include all aspects of the assembly process, but the various inspection points required along the way as well.


Test and validation: Our testing process is designed to provide superior conformance validation on the PCBAs we build for you. This ensures your finished boards function to meet your specific requirements. Our testing capabilities also include highly accelerated life testing (HALT) and highly accelerated stress screening (HASS) to confirm your board will operate in the environment it is designed for.

Copy exactly: The copy exactly methodology dictates there will be no changes to your design without your approval. We have a detailed change request process in which both you and our staff sign off on any requested changes. This ensures you know exactly what you are getting in your PCBA build. Additionally, copy exactly means that we will be able to build all demand quantities over 10 years old, and they will perform identically to the original first article.

Not only will you find this level of precise control in our assembly processes, but in our documentation system as well. We provide complete traceability for your boards by ensuring every component, material, and process is tracked and documented.

Effective, Secure, and Safe Communication Is Important to All of Us

It is more important now than ever before that the different communication systems and networks that we use in our everyday lives work securely and without interruption. Communication network attacks are continually rising and becoming more and more sophisticated, making your job as a telecom system provider increasingly difficult. At VSE, we understand these concerns because we rely on our ability to communicate the same as everyone else.

Fortunately, we have the capabilities to partner with you to build high-quality durable telecom equipment. We have the experience you need and share your concern for building products that will benefit all of us. Contact us and let us know how we can best partner with you on your next telecom system project.

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