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A successful product needs continual support, including development and manufacturing. The winds of fortune can change at a moment’s notice, and you need a contract manufacturer that can provide adaptable solutions for your business. To best anticipate and meet evolving needs, our Reno facility offers expansive space and all the necessary equipment and staff to ramp up production alongside the continued growth of your design. Whether you’re a local client looking for a PCB manufacturer in Reno to partner with or a Bay Area design team ready to increase production volume, VSE has the tools and expertise to produce your board confidently.

What A High-Volume PCB Manufacturer in Reno Can Offer You

Designs graduating to mass production lots need the infrastructure to support their growth. With our new facility in Reno, we can offer a more centrally-located operation for large production runs. Having a manufacturer that can scale with your design provides a wealth of benefits:

  • A design handled by a single company reduces the time spent searching for appropriate providers and transitioning between manufacturers.
  • By remaining in the same production ecosystem, there’s no need to bring different design teams up-to-speed on your design.
  • Identical machinery establishes consistency of the board manufacturing process at any level of production.
  • Efficiency in terms of production output and cost.

After the design is set for a high-volume run, the importance of establishing consistent specifications and tolerances is easily maintained between facilities. You can be confident that any idiosyncrasies of your board are well-managed and maintained between our two production facilities, reducing instances of rework or scrap due to machine or operator error.

Partner With Our Experts For Dedicated Production Needs

A dedicated work cell can be an option for customers looking to establish their share of a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. Doing so gives your design further scalability to cater to market demands. The operators and designers who become most familiar with the intricacies of your board remain with your design during the initial production and any later runs. Your sourced components go directly to your work cell instead of any central depository, ensuring production even during shortages. In the aftermath of a global supply chain meltdown, your production is unaffected, thanks to proper foresight. Reserving a dedicated space for your ongoing manufacturing establishes a constant and consistent resource for PCB production, so during times of high throughput, your design and manufacturing team are ready to scale up at a moment’s notice.

Your Contract Manufacturer Offers Low- and High-Volume Production Runs At Two Convenient Locations

Within the industry, the American southwest region is expected to grow significantly in the coming years due to the presence of global semiconductor leaders. To accommodate this growth, your PCB manufacturer in Reno can provide expertise to designers with a lengthy track record of success. Coupled with our San Jose NPI facility, we offer many options for electronics manufacturing, starting with prototyping and ending with volume production. At VSE, we aim to take the guesswork out of PCB design and manufacturing. Alongside our manufacturing partners, we’re ready to offer our customers exciting manufacturing solutions at all stages of product development.

If you are looking for a CM that prides itself on its care and attention to detail to ensure that each PCB assembly is built to the highest standards, look no further than VSE. Contact us today to learn more about partnering with us for your next project.