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It is early morning in the Uganda National Park, but the African Elephants have already started their day. It can take up to 16 hours for these magnificent animals to eat and drink their normal daily amounts, and the elephants aren’t wasting any time. The 12 animals in this herd are happily grazing, using their huge tusks to churn up the ground in the search for salt and minerals. But the herd is also in considerable danger, as a single tusk can bring in hundreds of thousands of dollars to poachers looking for an easy payday.

Thankfully, on this morning, advanced electronics are safeguarding these elephants from any such poaching threats. These devices are an assortment of sensors, camera traps, drones, and other life-saving technologies that alert wildlife officials of approaching poachers, and they are making a big difference in the fight against poaching today. It takes robust electronics to function in a wildlife environment, however, and without precision manufacturing techniques, these devices couldn’t stand the strain of the job. 

Fortunately, VSE has the skills and expertise to manufacture the electronics behind these wildlife protection systems, as well as provide other clean tech engineering services. That is, we manufacture electronics designed to make a difference in the world we live in.

Technology That Protects, Even One Life at a Time

Why do we even talk about wildlife conservation efforts on the same page as clean technology? To put it simply, the broad definition of clean technology includes any process, product, or service that reduces negative impacts on our environment by protecting, sustaining, and improving our resources. 

Although this is traditionally seen as efforts in areas such as green, medical, and autonomous vehicle technologies, it includes diverse applications that make our world a better place to livelike helping to preserve the elephants.

We’re honored to play our part in manufacturing some of the modern marvels used to preserve and protect our environment and resources today. Whether that’s creating electronics for solar panels, for devices to track herds in danger of poaching, or for one of the many other applications of clean technology.

Reliable Clean Technology Manufacturing—Because We All Live in This World Together

At VSE, we have a long history of working with various electronics that help to make our world a better place. Here are some examples of some of those whose development we are proud to be a part of:

Green technology: For those products that are manufactured under the requirements of restriction of hazardous substances directives (RoHS), VSE is an industry leader. We have spent many years perfecting our RoHS manufacturing processes to be fully compliant with these regulations. This means that everything down to the smallest detail is strictly monitored and controlled for compliance. In addition, we provide you with a full set of documentation for proof of your compliance.

Medical technology: Like most of you, we have family and friends who are battling different medical problems. Because of this, we are extremely motivated to put our best efforts into the diagnostic and treatment technology we build for the medical industry. Cancer radiation treatment, laser eye correction equipment, and DNA analysis equipment are just some of the systems we partner with the medical industry on here at VSE.

Autonomous vehicle technology: Being based in the heart of Silicon Valley, we have a clear understanding of the problems and perils of our overburdened transportation systems. This uniquely positions us to recognize and respond to the needs of the automotive industry better than most, and we have been working with autonomous vehicle innovators for 20 years. Together, we are building technology that will make the traffic on our highway systems both safer and cleaner for all of us.

We have the experience, processes, skills, and motivation to partner together with you to help achieve your clean technology goals and make our world a better place to live in.

Building a Better Tomorrow with Clean Tech Engineering Services Today

Cleaning up our world is a global responsibility. We are extremely proud of our role in those efforts over the years through our partnerships with clean technology innovators like you. We have a long history of building printed circuit boards and box build assemblies used in various clean technology applications, and we welcome the opportunity to add your specific requirements to that list. 

At VSE, you will find not only the skills and experience to manufacture these products to the highest standards of quality but a corporate motivation and culture that understands your priorities and will partner with you to achieve your goals.

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