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You’ve probably seen TV shows where the police forensics teams—with the aid of their analysis tools—discover the identity of a villain and thwart their planned crime. The stories may be fiction, but the tools are real. Blood analysis and other biotechnology tools have been in use by CSI teams for a long time, but that is only part of a bigger picture. Biotechnology systems are in use in medical facilities all over the world to help make futuristic levels of healthcare the standard of today.

As a maker of biotechnology systems, you have specific hardware manufacturing requirements that must be met. Among those are the high standards of quality that must be maintained in the printed circuit boards your systems use. You need the PCB assembly services of a contract manufacturer that understands your needs and can provide you with premium PCBs for biotechnology hardware. At VSE, we have made a career of doing just that.

Tomorrow’s Advanced Biotechnology Hardware Being Built Today

The biotechnology industry is a growing field with new equipment and enhanced features being introduced regularly. As bar for the standard of care rises, doctors and medical professionals can no longer wait for results on blood and tissue samples that were sent to a laboratory for analysis. Instead, they rely on their biotechnology equipment to provide them with on-demand, accurate results. 

From blood analysis to molecular diagnostic testing, this equipment is being used in medical facilities and field operations throughout the world. To keep pace with the busy flow of a medical facility, it must be easy to operate, yet robust enough to handle diverse environments.

To build hardware to such exacting standards requires a manufacturer that understands the needs of your equipment. They must have the certifications necessary for building this equipment, and they need to have a vast amount of experience in manufacturing this technology. Fortunately, at VSE, we have all of this and more, and those skills are ready to be put to work in building circuit boards for your advanced biotechnology hardware.

We Know What You Need in PCBs for Biotechnology Systems

At VSE, we have been building printed circuit boards for medical hardware like yours for years. As such, we understand your needs, and we have refined our engineering and manufacturing services to ensure they are aligned with your requirements. 

Here are the top three concerns biotechnology innovators have when getting PCBAs built:

ISO 13485 certification: We are ISO 13485 certified to build printed circuit board assemblies for the medical industry. In addition to that, we are also ISO 9001 certified to ensure we cover all of our customers’ needs. We fully understand what is required to build PCBAs for your biotechnology equipment, and our clean processes have served many customers just like you throughout the years.

Full documentation control: Building PCBAs for medical and biotechnology equipment requires a strict documentation control system, which we have fully implemented. We understand that everything that is built must be traceable to provide detailed part and materials data to regulatory investigators such as the FDA. Our motto is: “At VSE, the records are equally as important as the product.”

Full partnership with you: With all of the process and documentation regulations required for building medical and biotechnology equipment, we understand that it can be difficult to keep track of it all. Here is where we can help. By partnering with us upfront, we can better help you with our engineering and process resources. This frees you up from the regulatory details so that you can focus on the actual design aspects of the project.

PCB Assembly Services for Biotechnology Hardware

VSE is much more than just a simple printed circuit board assembly house. Here are some specific ways we can add value to your project that will help your ROI:

  • Our manufacturing processes are repeatable, scalable, and reliable. What we build for you one day is the same as what we will build for you the next.
  • One of our core values is to maintain high integrity and transparency in our manufacturing processes and our record keeping. We want you to know where we are on your project at all times.
  • We can handle very small-volume builds to larger volumes, whatever you need for your project.
  • Another core value is our adherence to the copy exactly methodology of manufacturing. We can ensure a new build of a 15-year-old product will perform exactly as the first article did.
  • We offer industry and application-related engineering expertise. Our staff can provide valuable DFM and component engineering evaluations, and will make recommendations for enhancements to your project.
  • Our testing and validation of your assembled project is correlated to your complex end-use requirements.

Work with VSE for Your Biotechnology Needs

We know your biotechnology equipment is designed to improve the health and welfare of patients, as well as to enhance the medical diagnostic process by providing state-of-the-art testing tools. At VSE, we can help you to achieve your goals with precisely manufactured PCBAs that will meet your requirements. Talk with us today to find out how we can help you with your next project.

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