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As the increasing populations of the world escalate the need for energy, the traditional resources of power we’ve grown accustomed to are gradually being depleted. Thankfully, innovators like you are working toward solutions—namely in the way of renewable energy sources. 

With the diversity of these resources—such as wind, solar, hydroelectric, and geothermal energy—there is a growing need for advanced electronics to manage them. These renewable energy electronics will help supply our power needs into the next generation and beyond. 

However, these devices also have stricter operational requirements than traditional circuit boards. High-power electronics require precise printed circuit board manufacturing to stay within their design specifications and to ensure continual high levels of performance and reliability in a variety of operating environments. 

That’s why, just as the world needs these new sources of renewable energy, you need an electronics manufacturer that understands your specific PCBA requirements. At VSE, we are well-versed in all of these needs, and we are here to help.

We Understand Your Renewable Energy Electronics Design Challenges

Building printed circuit boards that can withstand the rigors of the high-power loads they manage requires a degree of manufacturing sophistication beyond assembling a standard PCB. Some of the concerns you may have about this process include the following:

  • PCB materials: Circuit boards designed to handle high-power applications require specific materials to support the intended operating environment. You need a CM that understands all of these different materials and that knows which one will work best for a specific application.
  • High-power electronics support: The components used must also be selected based on their ability to work in high-power circuits. Having experienced component engineers available to help you navigate your way through all the different part options may make a critical difference.
  • High-power PCB design expertise: To successfully design circuitry for energy applications requires specific skills and experience. You may need specific questions answered through the design stage, and you will need knowledgeable resources you can turn to.
  • Power distribution and management: These boards must be able to manage the distribution of high-power loads to multiple recipients. To understand how best to design the board for these requirements, you may need the experience of a manufacturer who has done these types of designs before.
  • Signal integrity in high-power and high-noise environments: These boards must be able to support the high-speed signal integrity needs of the design in the noisy environment of high-power circuitry. Again, having resources available to you with advanced skills and experience may save you considerable time and money.
  • Custom cables and harnesses for high-power applications: High-power applications require specialized cables and wiring harnesses to handle the extra loads. A CM who is experienced in PCB and cable manufacturing can help speed your design and manufacturing process.

With all there is to consider when designing and manufacturing circuit boards that are used in high-power applications, we understand your concerns. We also know the power requirements of these designs make it imperative that your electronics are built correctly. You need a contract manufacturer that has the experience and skills in building PCBAs for high-power applications like this. At VSE, we can offer you several advantages.

Precision PCBA Manufacturing for Energy Applications

We have built our business on specializing in the requirements of many different industries, and circuit boards used in renewable energy and high-power applications is one of them. We understand what it takes to build the circuit boards that you are designing and can provide you with the following:

Proprietary processes: Our manufacturing processes have been fine-tuned over many years of operation. From the moment your design enters the door through final QA and test, all aspects of your job are tightly controlled and documented to ensure your board is built correctly.

Manufacturing expertise: Our experience and expertise provide us the flexibility to adjust our proprietary processes to accommodate the needs of high-power PCB designs. Whether your design requires customized assembly flows to compensate heavy power planes or to ensure proper thermal connections for high-power components, we have you covered.

Component engineering: Our component engineers are highly trained with vast connections throughout the component vendor and supplier industry. As such, they are well-equipped to assist you in identifying the optimal components with respect to lifetime, price, and availability to meet the assembly process requirements of your design.

Design optimization: Our engineers have years of experience designing circuit boards for high-power applications. They can offer you solutions to optimize your design to ensure a high-quality assembly process.

Let Us Help You Help the Rest of World

At VSE, we understand the urgency and importance of what you do. We have years of experience designing and building high-power circuit boards, and we are confident we have the skills and capabilities you require.

Let us help you fulfill your vision by manufacturing your next renewable energy electronic designs.

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