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We live in a day and age where wireless connectivity has become the norm. When you walk into a dark house, you can ask your smart home to turn on the lights and the wireless connection will activate a lamp. When you get into your car, your phone automatically connects to the vehicle. More and more in our wireless culture, we are plugging in less and less. It has become easy to forget that at the heart of most electronic devices are multiple interconnects that must be precisely built to perform the function expected of them.

At VSE, we haven’t forgotten, and we understand the need for precision electronic interconnectivity. For more than 30 years, we have been building your printed circuit board assemblies and electronic device box builds, and we understand better than most the importance of precision interconnects to marry these assemblies together. As such, we have made it our business to become the premium wire harness assembly company and cable assembly manufacturer for our customers.

Wire Harnesses & Cable Assemblies Built by an Experienced Electronics Manufacturer

It takes a tremendous amount of work to develop a printed circuit board assembly, and most systems will require multiple boards working together. The system itself is another major design accomplishment, as the circuit boards and other hardware must all fit and work together within a well-designed system enclosure. Yet with all of this design work, the wire harnesses and cable assemblies are often the last part of the system to be developed. And without well-designed interconnects, the PCBs and system components may not work together as expected.

At VSE, we understand electronics manufacturing. Other companies may be able to build a wire harness or cable assembly, but we understand how that interconnect will be used and how best to construct it for its intended purpose. Here are some examples of the skills and experience that you will benefit from at VSE:

Engineering expertise:

Over the course of our history, our engineering staff has helped many companies like yours to design and refine wire harnesses and cable assemblies. With their experience, our engineers understand what works best for various electronic systems and have routinely assisted our customers in creating high-quality interconnects for their projects.

Manufacturing expertise:

Our manufacturing team has been building wire harnesses and cable assemblies for years. They are skilled at creating interconnects that will fit your electronics with a neat and orderly fit that is strong enough for the job, yet pliable enough to work with.

System assembly:

Our engineering and manufacturing teams have been designing and building all aspects of electronic devices for more than 30 years. We understand the unique requirements that wire harnesses and cable assemblies have when interconnecting PCBs within a full system. As such, we know how to build your project so that it will work within your electronic systems as it should.

Full system testing:

With our full system experience, we also understand how to correctly test wire harnesses and cable assemblies. We will go beyond the regular continuity testing that you would expect, and look for problems with marginal crimps as well as contacts that aren’t fully seated with mating connections.

Wire Harnesses & Cables Built Together With PCBs and Box Builds

Because of our experience in manufacturing the different parts of electronic systems, we can give you the added benefit of building all of the components of your project together. By building your printed circuit board assemblies, the box build of the system enclosure, and the wire harnesses and cable assemblies, we can control all aspects of the project to ensure it works as you designed it. Here are some of the benefits that you will realize by having your interconnects built together with the rest of your electronic system:

Built to your system specifications:

Whether it comes from a sketch or from full 3D CAD models with schematics, we will build your wire harnesses and cable assemblies to your system specifications.

Custom-fit to your box builds:

When we assemble your entire system for you, we will build your interconnects to fit your box builds. With your system enclosure being built under the same roof, it is easy for us to see how the designs need to be refined in order for the best fit.

Perfect compatibility with connected PCBAs:

As with box builds, we will be constructing your PCBAs alongside your wire harnesses and cable assemblies. This gives us the ability to check both products alongside each other to ensure compatibility during manufacturing.

Component engineering saves you time and money:

Whether we create your entire system or just the wire harnesses and cable assemblies, we work with you on component selection. In many cases, we can recommend connectors or other parts that are readily available at lower costs.

Ready to get started?

A Wire Harness Assembly Company that Builds Quality Interconnects

When our technicians build your wire harness, they will use a panel that has been constructed to provide a precise template for your harness. The panel will have pegs located where the wire harness needs to bend or divide into different directions, as well as where connectors will terminate a branch of the harness. The production of a wire harness generally follows this process:

Review and preparation:

We will work with you to review your specifications, and make recommendations if necessary for component replacements based on availability, cost, and performance. Once the design is finalized, our team will purchase the materials for the manufacturing of the harness as well as construct the assembly panel.


We will create the necessary assembly instructions for our manufacturing technicians from your original input combined with the data we’ve compiled during the review. These assembly documents will include all of the necessary steps, illustrations, and test processes to complete the assembly.


At this stage, our manufacturing technicians will build your wire harness. This includes cutting the required wires to length, laying the wires out on the panel, tying the harness together at key stress points, and attaching the connectors.


The completed harness will then be run through quality assurance testing for continuity according to the test processes that have been developed for it. It will also be checked for manufacturing to make sure that connectors are firmly attached, as well as proper labeling. Lastly, it will be checked for a final fit in the system assembly that it was designed for.

A Cable Assembly Manufacturer that Understands Your Needs

We put the same amount of care expertise into building your intrasystem cabling assemblies as we do with your wire harnesses. We understand that these cables have to be robustly built in order to flex with the demands of multiple system interconnects. To accomplish this our engineers will work from your data to create a build and test plan for your cables. Here is an example of some of that data that we will need:

Bill of materials (BOM):

The list of materials and components with part numbers that will be used to build your cable assembly.

Assembly drawing:

A detailed drawing of the cable assembly with build instructions and label positions.

Wire list:

A document detailing connector pin-outs, net information, wire colors, and connector images to illustrate pin locations.

Test specifications:

Finished cable assembly specifications and requirements that we can test for.

Experts You Can Trust for Your Wire Harness & Cable Assembly Project

In large capital equipment with hundreds of interconnects, it is common for mislabeled wires, bad terminations, or improperly seated contacts to be the root cause of the majority of system-level issues. We know that you can’t afford the time or expense of problems like these, which is why at VSE, we ensure your wire harnesses and cable assemblies are only built to the highest standards of quality.

You can count on our technical expertise, as well as our experience in the electronics manufacturing industry, to do what it takes to successfully complete your project and exceed your expectations. Contact us today to learn more about partnering with us for your wire harness and cable assembly needs.

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