VSE’s Skilled and Experienced Engineering Professionals Partner with You to Ensure PCB Design Manufacturability

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The companies we partner with at VSE are all looking for a Contract Manufacturer (CM) capable of manufacturing the PCBs for their innovative and important products. Our customers have the expertise to design the printed circuit boards that their products need, and VSE has the expertise to take their concept all the way through assembly. In order for our collaboration to yield the most productive results, our customers often find themselves leveraging the VSE engineering team to ensure their design is fully manufacturable.

Providing advanced PCB engineering services shows our commitment to our customers. Assembling a fleet of engineers to be at our clients’ service, ready to work together to resolve any design issues prior to manufacturing is important to us—so much so, that it is one of the cornerstones of our business. At VSE, we do everything in our power to make your project perfect.

The Advanced Engineering Services That You Can Depend on for Your PCB Build and Mechanical Needs

When we receive your design at VSE, it will immediately go to our engineering department. We first run it through our standard review, to make sure your design is fully manufacturable. Then, if any changes are required, our engineering team is ready to work with you to resolve these problems—or even do the redesign for you.

Design Review

Detailed engineering review of your designs to ensure manufacturability

Every project we manufacture first goes to our engineering department for a detailed design review. With years of experience and a diverse skillset, our engineering team has a proven track record of finding those design defects that can lead to challenges in a high-volume manufacturing environment. We will thoroughly document the design issues that we find, and work with you to ensure the highest defect coverage, speedy and continuous improvement, and reduction of returns and warranty costs. Some of our key focus areas will include:


Our engineers have a vast amount of experience in identifying PCB design for manufacturing challenges, such as solder mask webbing widths or misplaced silkscreen nomenclature. These types of problems can easily go unnoticed during PCB design, causing manufacturing challenges and leading to production slowdowns or even full stops.


Our team is equally skilled in design for assembly requirements. We are able to spot those components whose placement might yield assembly problems due to spacing or rotation errors. Catching and correcting these problems before the board goes into production will ensure that the board can be reliably and consistently assembled.


Our engineering team will also be looking at your project for design for testability issues. The location and spacing of test points is important, so that test fixtures can adequately connect with the circuitry for testing. Ensuring we can test and verify your project is a top priority for us at VSE.

Component Selection Review

Another part of our design review is to examine your component selection for availability and product life cycle status. We will determine if the components you have specified are (and will remain) available, and if not, then we will recommend suitable replacements. We will also be researching these parts for sourcing, price, and RoHS compliance.

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Product Design

Enlist our engineering team to take point on necessary design corrections

Ideally, our engineering review of your design for manufacturability will not turn up any defects that need correction. But if we do find any problems, our team will work with you to resolve them. Our team is also skilled in product redesign as well, and we have a long history of helping our customers by handling their redesigns for them. Some of the services our engineering department can provide are:

PCB Layout

Any changes that need to be made to your design can be handled by our engineers. These would include those areas that we turned up in our review for DFM, DFA, and DFT issues. We are also able to recommend and incorporate other changes such as electro-mechanical design enhancements to improve manufacturability. Our engineering team will be able to support you on a number of PCB design platforms including:

  • Allegro
  • Altium
  • PADs
  • PCAD

Electromechanical Package Design

We also have the capability to design the entire chassis that houses your boards. Our engineers will work from your wiring diagram, parts list, and mechanical requirements to create what you need. We support this on both AutoCAD and SolidWorks.

Harness and Cable Design

At VSE, we also seek to address one of the major failure modes of most large and complex projects: poorly built harness and cable systems. As such, we have established the capability to build essential cables through complex harnesses to an industry-leading quality level. Our engineering team can save you precious time and expense by creating the cables you need while providing superior measurement and quality.

EOL Component Redesign

Part of our continuing engineering support of your project is to monitor the lifecycle status of the components in your designs. When we discover any component changes due to part shortages or component end-of-life notifications, we preemptively search for pin-compatible alternatives. If those are not available, VSE will research to define suitable alternatives that will minimize redesign costs and keep production moving smoothly.

The engineering team at VSE is staffed with experienced professionals that are skilled at:

  • Product Design
  • Electrical Circuit Design
  • PCB Layout and Design
  • Harness and Cable Design
  • Electronic Packaging Design
  • Component Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Manufacturing Engineering
  • Test Engineering

Experienced and Skilled Engineers Committed to Working Together with You

At VSE, we’ve helped many customers over the past 35-plus years with everything touching the PCBA process, down to their specific engineering needs. We’ve partnered with companies in a vast variety of industries including medical equipment, biotechnology, semiconductor production equipment, industrial, automotive, and energy.

Our track record shows that we have the engineering experience and skills that can help you as well. Contact us and let us figure out how we can best partner with you on your next project.

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