Green Technology Manufacturing for RoHS-Compliant Electronics

The Highest Quality RoHS Assembly
Processes to Satisfy Your
Environmental Requirements


The need for green technology manufacturing has become one of the primary considerations in building electronics today. Not only do companies like yours want to do all they can to protect the environment, but more requirements also must be met.

To do business in Europe, for example, requires that any electronics to be sold demonstrate they are compliant with RoHS, the Restriction of Hazardous Substances. With lead being one of the restricted materials—and also a material historically used in PCBs—electronics manufacturers must now be well-versed in producing products with lead-free materials. 

At VSE, we have spent many years perfecting our strictly controlled RoHS processes. We will work with you to ensure the components used in your design are compliant, and we’ll support you with the proper documentation for proof of compliance. We will also ensure the materials used for your design, such as the solder and other processing chemicals, are RoHS compliant. We’re dedicated to keeping the manufacturing of your PCBA green, but our commitment to you doesn’t stop there.

An Electronics Manufacturer You Can Rely On

We know one of the potentially painful aspects of getting a circuit board built, especially for the green technology industry, is dealing with assemblers in other countries that may not have the same environmental priorities you do. In some instances, you may have found yourself dealing with manufacturers that have historically conducted business in an environmentally irresponsible, unethical, and unsafe way.

At VSE, the success of our business is built on a solid foundation of integrity. When we say we will build your circuit board using green technology, that is what you will get—a high-quality PCBA that is RoHS compliant. When we say that our staff is comprised of trained professionals with years of experience building circuit boards, you can rest assured that your board build is in competent hands. You don’t need to worry about the ethics, safety, or quality of the circuit board we build for you. Here at VSE, you always get our very best.

Precision Process Control for RoHS Compliant Electronics

Building quality circuit boards to ensure RoHS compliance is one of our primary objectives to meet the needs of our green technology customers. As the need for RoHS-compliant manufactured boards continues to grow, we’ve enhanced and refined our RoHS manufacturing processes to keep current with all of the regulations. This ensures that our RoHS manufacturing line is pure and completely separated from our other manufacturing lines. We maintain three main green technology objectives:

CoC documentation: One of the most important parts of manufacturing RoHS or other environmentally controlled circuit boards is to maintain the certificate of conformity (CoC) documentation. This is often a concern of customers who are new to the RoHS process, and we have a tightly controlled documentation process that will help you to meet all of your requirements.

Process control: Our proprietary assembly process was designed to easily support green technology and RoHS directives. For RoHS manufacturing, everything is color-coded with green indicators, such as green carts, green folders, and green bins. This allows us to maintain the purest RoHS manufacturing line possible.

Process transition: If you are transitioning to RoHS, we can aid in developing a clear plan because we know about all of the potential pitfalls of moving from older components and materials to RoHS-compliant versions. For years, we have helped our customers transition legacy designs to be RoHS compliant, and our ability to segregate those older leaded components from the newer non-leaded components is one of our best attributes. When you decide to make the change, VSE will be right there with you and ready to help.

Green Technology Manufacturing—Your Priorities Are Our Priorities

At VSE, your manufacturing priorities are the same as ours—to build a quality, RoHS-compliant product. To do that:

  • Our proprietary assembly process has been specifically refined to meet all of the requirements to build RoHS compliant products, and we have an extremely effective isolation process between RoHS and standard leaded manufacturing lines.
  • We can customize our assembly process to meet RoHS requirements while also accommodating the unique attributes of your PCB’s layout.
  • Our engineering department is skilled at assisting our customers with identifying the optimal components for lifetime and availability, and that meet the necessary assembly requirements.
  • We can provide engineering support to optimize your design to make its assembly efficient and more cost-effective.

As a green technology company, we know you need RoHS-compliant boards. At VSE, we have the experience and capabilities to meet those needs. Let us help you with your next RoHS compliant project.

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