VSE’s Expertise in PCB Assembly and Testing Ensure Successful Manufacturing

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PCB assembly and testing are symbiotic: you can’t have one without the other for proper quality control. Clients need a CM with experience and expertise to manufacture PCBs with consistent exactitude, and innovative designs can push the boundaries of manufacturability for superior functionality. VSE prides itself on industry-leading assembly of prototypes, NPIs, and high-volume lots, all while maintaining rigorous industry and organizational standards for excellence. A ceaseless commitment to quality and punctuality ensures rapid production within budget with the high-end performance demanded by modern electronics.

Precision PCB Assembly and Testing for PCBAs and Box Builds

Customers with VSE have come to expect great work owing to a precise PCB assembly and testing quality management system (QMS) that ensures every project meets strict performance, compliance, and production benchmarks. The VSE staff has the practical experience, technical training, and industry certifications to expertly manufacture your PCB assemblies according to specifications while offering design-for-manufacturing (DFM) suggestions and corrections that unlock a device’s capabilities. After production, test engineers and quality control meticulously inspect the PCBA for a long-lasting service life that doesn’t compromise on design intent.

PCB Assembly

Reliable and Time-Tested PCBA Manufacturing Processes

Every PCB manufactured goes through a standard process of preparation for assembly. These processes have a solid foundation of time-proven experience balanced with continual enhancements to stay current with the latest production techniques and systems.

Engineering DFX Review

Before manufacturing begins, the engineering department reviews designs for potential manufacturing challenges that can go unnoticed during PCB design. Engineers can refine the design to resolve these issues before fabrication.

Materials Management

The procurement team coordinates with trusted vendors to secure the appropriate materials and components at the lowest price. Multiple domestic and international vendor partnerships meet stringent standards for quality and reliability to get boards fabricated and components procured on time.

Manufacturing and System Integration

Production proceeds accordingly through exacting specifications and industry IPC standards for circuit board assembly, cable manufacturing, integration, quality inspections, and in-circuit testing.

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PCB Testing

Verifying Product Functions According to Specifications

Verifying product quality and functionality is at the heart of assembly at VSE. Testing, alongside the more general QMS commitment, strives to make each design and singular board, cable, assembly, and enclosure meet modern-day devices’ rigorous environmental and application demands. VSE offers comprehensive testing solutions for all PCBA manufacturing and system integration aspects.


  • Cablescan
  • Custom-designed test fixtures
  • Customer-supplied test fixtures
  • LabView test fixtures


Customized PCB Manufacturing to Meet Your NPI Requirements

VSE can help design teams new to manufacturing when developing a new product introduction (NPI). A dedicated prototype specialist will oversee the project to incorporate DFM principles that maximize the finished product’s performance, quality, and yield. VSE can further scale manufacturing output at our strategically-located Reno facility for wider product rollout.

Box Build Assembly and Cable Harnesses

More than Boards: VSE Integrates PCBAs, Wire Harnesses, and Enclosures

Rarely is the PCBA the end of product design; instead, it’s the jump-off point for MCAD integration into the larger system. VSE is equally capable of supporting mechanical needs as electronic: engineers, designers, and technicians have the expertise to integrate your system in a complete box-build. Total system builds encompassing the entire circuit board manufacturing and adjacent functionality means our San Jose facility can build your project from the ground up without coordinating between manufacturing shops. 

VSE’s Comprehensive Manufacturing Services Instill Quality and Reliability

PCB assembly and testing are integral to the success of an electronic device, and an experienced staff complemented by our state-of-the-art facilities and equipment keeps us at the forefront of manufacturing solutions for increasingly complex PCB designs. VSE has partnered with customers from various industries for over forty years, creating devices that change and save lives. No matter how cutting-edge the design, VSE is eager to collaborate with innovators by furnishing the manufacturing expertise for medical devices, semiconductor equipment, and a host of other technologies that advance well-being. 

If you are looking for a CM that prides itself on its care and attention to detail to ensure that each PCB assembly is built to the highest standards, look no further than VSE. Contact us today to learn more about partnering with us for your next project.

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