Quick-Turn PCB Assembly Process

Circuit Boards Assembled Quickly
with VSE’s Commitment to Quality

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In manufacturing, two requirements often seem opposed: speed and quality. Today’s assembly shops must be agile to remain competitive and quickly respond to market demands. However, quality is essential in printed circuit board manufacturing to build a product that will work as designed. To satisfy both speed and quality requires a local circuit board manufacturer with ample skill and experience in quick-turn PCB assembly.

Do I Need Quick-Turn PCB Assembly for My Design?
Quick-Turn PCB Assembly Standard PCB Assembly
  • Time is of the essence – Quick-turn PCB assemblies accelerate the manufacturing process to deliver boards on tight timelines.
  • Boards require testing – Some test durations will require a significant duration to check lifetime reliability.
  • Enclosure/wire harness modeling – A finished board supports further system integration of critical parts.
  • Cost is a primary concern – Standard assemblies do not have to contend with the additional cost driver.
  • Early stages of design – The less likely the board is to resemble its final product, the less valuable quick-turn assemblies become.

Superior PCB Assembly for Your Quick-Turn Needs

To supply PCB quick-turn assembly needs, VSE has refined our manufacturing processes to give you the fastest assembly time possible with state-of-the-art production equipment and a highly trained technical staff. These services ensure quick turn PCB assembly while maintaining high quality. Some of the refinements to these quick-turn processes include:

  • Quick response to changes in product forecasts
  • OEMs that expect agility and instantaneous product availability
  • Rapid prototyping of new product development
  • New product introduction that is scalable to eventual mid- to high-volume production

Ready to get started?

PCB Component Recommendations for Quick-Turn Assembly

Component procurement is the one area of quick-turn circuit board assembly that can cause the most significant damage in time and expense if not managed correctly. Without professional oversight, high component prices and extended delivery timelines may significantly hamper assembly timelines. The component procurement team at VSE ensures that the necessary parts are ready for assembly when your board enters production:


Procurement specialists and component engineers find the part solutions the PCBA requires.


The procurement team has a vast network of component manufacturers, distributors, and brokers that they work with to source parts or their equivalent form, fit, and function replacements.

Advanced sourcing

By getting the parts list while still finalizing the design, the team will procure the necessary parts to be ready for immediate production.

Open AVL

By developing an approved vendor list before production, the procurement team will have greater flexibility in choosing suppliers—reducing lead times.

Quick-Turn PCB Assembly at the Highest Levels of Quality

At VSE, we specialize in the high-mix, low-volume production of printed circuit boards. This ability to rapidly shift between building the different PCB technologies of our customers also enables us to manufacture circuit boards quickly. Our quality control measures allow our staff to monitor each project closely and spot and correct production issues before they become problematic. These measures include frequent inspection points throughout assembly to ensure that manufacturing progresses without errors. At any moment, our technicians can interact with the production process for changes, corrections, or process validation.

We’ve fine-tuned our manufacturing processes for the quick turn production environment from component procurement to final inspection and test. We carefully track materials and components from incoming inspection throughout the assembly process. This vigilance ensures that each board has the correct parts to eliminate potential rework and changes. Our engineering department will review each design for manufacturability before production starts to ensure an error-free production.

Quick turn PCB assembly inspection

The Benefits of 3-Day Quick-Turn PCB Assembly at VSE

When you need a circuit board built quickly, we have the tools you need. We can typically turn your board in three days, backed by our commitment to quality. Here are the benefits that you can expect from VSE for a quick turn PCB assembly:

  • The fastest delivery
  • Engineering support throughout the assembly process
  • DFM validation and recommendations
  • Quick test strategies
  • Zero rejects from materials or processes

If you are looking for a CM that prides itself on its care and attention to detail to ensure that each PCB assembly is built to the highest standards, look no further than VSE. Contact us today to learn more about partnering with us for your next project.

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