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Component Procurement: Assembly On-Time, Under Budget

The design of PCBs for manufacturing is complex enough without worrying about the logistics of component and material acquisitions. The purchase volume can make it highly susceptible to market forces, and those without experience dealing with procurement may find themselves burning through budget or unable to meet production timelines while awaiting delivery. Instead, a trusted…


Renewable Energy Semiconductor Manufacturing: Go Green!

Renewable energy technology must make significant strides to meet aggressive decarbonization goals set by government agencies. At the heart of this transformation will be continued developments in the semiconductor industry to further efficiencies that have slowed down after decades of growth. Renewable energy semiconductor manufacturing has several hurdles to overcome soon to meet domestic and…

pcb first article inspection process

ROHS Manufacturing 2024 Update: How to Choose a CM

PCB manufacturers face a dilemma: what’s the most effective way to prevent pollution with heavy metals and other toxic substances for disposable products? The answer is the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) standards, a European Union directive that addresses reducing the toxicity of electronics. For a circuit board to meet these requirements, specific materials and…

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PTFE PCBs: Optimizing Electrical Performance

One might not have to look far to find PTFE in everyday life; a quick check of the stovetop or kitchen cabinet might do the trick. PTFE, short for polytetrafluoroethylene and more commonly known as Teflon, is a remarkable material due to its exceptionally low coefficient of friction that made “nonstick” pans a household name.…


Low-ESR Capacitors Increase Power Integrity

Parasitics are a part of dealing with electronics: as much as engineers, designers, and manufacturers wish it were possible to work with ideal components, the real world has other plans. Mitigating these parasitic effects is the approach, and there’s a considerable effort at all stages of device DFM dedicated to tracking and compensating for parasitics…