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How Chip Shortages Impact Supply Chain Resiliency

The chip shortage and the global supply chain problems are big news these days, but do you realize how much the chip shortages impact supply chain resiliency? When one semiconductor chip is unavailable, it affects the next chip in line like dominos. Similarly, this process continues until an entire row of semiconductors is knocked over. Let’s look at this problem, its results, and how original equipment manufacturers guard against these problems to protect the production of their valuable electronics.


New Product Introduction (NPI) Checklist for Manufacturing

There have always been inventive ideas that don’t make it into production because they couldn’t be mass-produced efficiently enough to return a profit. Cost-effective manufacturing also applies to electronics, where refining a product for production is essential to its ultimate success. It is important to design electronics for production-ready assembly, to ensure their success in development. To help, here is a new product introduction checklist for manufacturing to keep in mind.


Benefits of Using PCB Assembly Services in the Bay Area

Together, Silicon Valley’s diverse companies provide over 600,000 technology jobs, with many focused on developing new and innovative electronics. The designers in these companies rely on PCB contract manufacturers that can build their circuit boards and related hardware quickly and to their exact specifications for the highest quality. Here we’ll look at the benefits that PCB assembly services in the Bay Area provide and how an experienced PCB contract manufacturer can help develop your next electronics project.