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PCB Impedance Control: The Heart of Signal Integrity

As signal speeds continue to get faster and faster in circuit boards, designers must do more to ensure the best signal integrity in their layouts. One of those areas that require diligence in design is controlled impedance traces. High-speed transmission lines must have a carefully created trace structure to guide their path without differences in impedance that can distort the signal. Not only does this affect how the trace is routed, but also how the board layer structure is set up. Here is a brief look at impedance control in PCB design and how you can successfully set up your board for routing controlled impedance lines.


PCB Etchback Improves Through-Hole Connectivity

It’s more appropriate to term my interest in electronics a general interest in electricity – from the naturally occurring to the human-made, any field tangentially associated with the phenomenon garners my attention. A family friend and I once fell deep into a discussion on the topic before he revealed his past working on electrical towers…


Questions to Ask a Contract Manufacturer from a CM

Whether you need a small proof of concept design built, or a large run of full turnkey assemblies, finding the right PCB contract manufacturer to build your circuit boards is essential. There are many PCB CMs that can provide various services, and you need to know the exact capabilities of the assembly shop that you plan on using.