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ODB++ – PCB Artwork Format

PCB production requires a host of manufacturing files that communicate the intricacies of the design straightforwardly. Part of this process involves the CAM designer or department that adjusts the copper layer as necessary to avoid defects or poor manufacturability. ODB++ is one of the two primary artwork file types – along with Gerber – that…

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Wave Soldering: Placement Guidelines

Although you’ve seen it on TV, there is no comparison to being part of a “wave” at a sporting event. Not only does the wave look really impressive as it makes its way around the stadium towards you, but you also end up feeling like you’ve contributed in a small way to a greater whole.…


PCB Supply Chain: Design for Resiliency

While supply chain problems are evident in most industries, it is especially noticeable in electronics production. Designers continue to face part shortages and challenges in getting circuit boards manufactured. Here we’ll outline some of the causes of these problems and the PCB supply chain best practices that will help.

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Electronic Manufacturing Outsourcing Engineers Solutions

Depending on who’s participating in the conversation, outsourcing can be a contentious topic in manufacturing. In some contexts, it means work and jobs moving thousands of miles away due to cheaper labor costs or a reduced final product quality due to less stringent oversight. But outsourcing doesn’t just mean moving work abroad; outsourcing can be…

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PCB Heat Dissipation Techniques to Improve Performance

I’ve been burned in the kitchen more times than I’d care to admit; while these once were painful lessons, they now serve as a constant reminder that kitchen work requires respect and undivided attention. When I was much younger, I marveled at the induction stovetop while visiting a friend, and while I had learned many…

PCB Beveling for Edge Connectors

Thermal Vias Improve Heat Flux

To perform at the higher levels expected of each succeeding generation of electronic devices, the more those electronics have to function at greater operational levels. To do this, complex component packages with larger pin counts are used in increasingly denser circuitry requiring greater power. And while this PCB design technology produces the required results, it…