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PCB Design Rules for Mixed-Signal Circuit

A circuit board with this much different functionality is referred to as a mixed-signal design, and there is a lot of different electronic activity going on within it. To operate successfully, designers need to exercise caution in the layout of these boards to avoid signal and power integrity problems. Here are some PCB design rules for mixed-signal circuit boards that can help.


PCB Design Guidelines for EMI/EMC

EMI/EMC is pervasive throughout the design and taking into consideration the many ways in which it can be accounted for, represents an opportunity for a discerning layout engineer to potentially limit EMI without the need for additional shielding. However, the balancing act of particular layout jobs may require that EMI/EMC is addressed via shielding materials after the finished board is prepared for a final inspection.


Benefits of Onshoring Supply Chains

The fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic’s disruption of global supply lines has created a backlog that many industries are still mitigating. The best way to sidestep the international manufacturing gridlock is by onshoring supply chains. While a top-to-bottom restructuring of global industries does not happen overnight, there are still multitudes of solutions and benefits for national businesses that can be realized today.