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Seven Benefits of Reshoring Electronic Manufacturing

Improved technology in manufacturing has lessened the amount of manual labor required for PCB production. Additionally, those countries that offered lower labor prices have been experiencing economic growth and prosperity. This change in economics has caused them to transfer the increased labor costs back to the OEM. Labor costs are just part of this story, though, and in this article, we will examine seven benefits of reshoring electronic manufacturing.


What is Trace Width in PCB Layout?

In the layout of printed circuit boards, width plays an important part, especially in the metal connections fabricated into the board called “traces.” Traces conduct signals to and from the pins of the components soldered to the board and carry varying amounts of current depending on the net. Additionally, the signal’s traces may have special electrical needs affecting their size, and trace widths must be carefully controlled for error-free manufacturing. This article will look at these different variables as we answer the question, what is trace width in PCB layout?

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RF Design Guidelines: PCB Layout and Circuit Optimization

RF designs begin with the laminates for board fabrication and may require material characteristics that exceed standard FR-4. From there, the designer will need to be aware of the RF-specific rules that may affect how the board is laid out. We will look at some of these rules and guidelines to prepare designers for their next RF design.