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Mixed-Signal PCB Design Best Practices

While smaller and more powerful electronics delight users, engineering these marvels can challenge the printed circuit board designer. Electronics used to contain multiple boards for digital processing, power supply, and analog functions, but that functionality typically packs into one dense PCB design in today’s devices. Analog circuitry takes sensory inputs and converts them into digital…


HASL – Hot Air Solder Leveling Surface Finish

PCB manufacturing is divisible into two primary stages: fabrication and assembly. The surface finish process inextricably links them together, ensuring sufficient bonding between the bare board and the components for continuous performance and extended reliability. PCB surface finishes come in many flavors, but HASL is the most prominent for non-consumer devices: as an extension of…

The characteristic impedance of transmission lines starts with the board stackup.

ENIG – Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold Surface Finish

Many people look at gold purely for its monetary value, but engineers see things differently: gold is exceptional due to its remarkable corrosion resistance. This property is a lifeline for PCBAs with high-reliability requirements and those operating in demanding environments. In a perfect world, function and performance would trump expense, but the reality is that…

pcb first article inspection process

How to Choose a PCB Manufacturer

After completing the PCB layout, the next step for first-time designers will be determining how to choose a PCB manufacturer. Like most services, there’s a range of quality outcomes depending on the design requirements and allotted budget. A PCB production cobbled together across multiple manufacturing sites may save money upfront, but design stages may lack…