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PCB Box Design: Creating The Right Enclosure

“It’s what’s on the inside that counts.” Most of us have heard this in wildly different contexts than PCB design. Still, it’s true more generally: diving beyond the surface is likely to reveal the most critical features, attributes, or characteristics of many things, both esoteric and universal


PCB Reliability: Design Guidelines for Manufacturing

When I was a kid, I remember leaving on video game consoles overnight when it was “lights out” because my siblings and I were at a point where we couldn’t save and exit the game. Faced with a loss of progress, we decided it was more beneficial to keep the hardware running and pick up where we left off later.


PCB Cable Strain Relief Options

Surely many people can relate to a phone charger that only works when the wire is placed in a certain position. Being a bit of a packrat, I have several frayed chargers within the same nightstand that I save for extra parts and replacements.


What is Rapid PCB Prototyping?

I tend to be overly cautious when planning my routes on new long-distance backpacking trips. I’ll start with detailed route reviews that pour over elevation maps. These reviews, combined with approximate pack weight, indicate how strenuous each hour of the trip will be and when to plan my breaks. With the wealth of geographical information available, it’s easy to determine how long I can expect to spend on a trail each day.