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Multilayer PCB Stackup Planning

In chemical reactions that favor a total conversion of products to reactants, reactions proceed until one or more are consumed, based upon stoichiometric ratios. These reactants, known as limiting reagents, represent the upper limit of efficiency.


Continuous Usage and PCB Lifespan

Both my physics and engineering college professors expressed a mentality of “do it right or do it twice” to instill course material and problem-solving methods into their student’s heads. They thought anyone in those courses could pass one of their notoriously difficult exams.


PCB Box Design: Creating The Right Enclosure

“It’s what’s on the inside that counts.” Most of us have heard this in wildly different contexts than PCB design. Still, it’s true more generally: diving beyond the surface is likely to reveal the most critical features, attributes, or characteristics of many things, both esoteric and universal


PCB Reliability: Design Guidelines for Manufacturing

When I was a kid, I remember leaving on video game consoles overnight when it was “lights out” because my siblings and I were at a point where we couldn’t save and exit the game. Faced with a loss of progress, we decided it was more beneficial to keep the hardware running and pick up where we left off later.