Our mission at VSE is to provide you with a superior turn-key PCBA solution. With quality systems in place that rival large-scale manufacturers, we can build your assemblies to exceed your company and industry’s exacting standards. At the same time, our small-business roots and commitment to personalized service make us more responsive to your needs, completing your custom build quickly and accurately.

From proof-of-concept boards to rolling new products into production, we at VSE have a proven track record of working smoothly together with our customers—as partners. In addition to our custom PCB manufacturing services, we have a fully staffed engineering department that will work proactively with you to ensure the manufacturing of a robust and repeatable design. Our specialized prototyping services, as well as our host of other solutions, enable the quickest turnaround to meet your new product’s PCBA needs.


A Wide Range of Industry Experience

For years at VSE, we have worked with customers that come from a wide range of industries, creating a wide range of technologies—from medical equipment to semiconductor production equipment. We’ve partnered with startup companies to create their first proof-of-concept boards as well as established industry giants launching new products. No matter what our customer’s requirements are, we have successfully helped them all.

With over 40 years of designing and manufacturing electronics in Silicon Valley, we know our business well. We are ISO 9001 and 13485 registered. We adhere to IPC 610 standards and we take pride in our 5S culture. We’ve got the skills and experience you need for your design. We’ve got the skills and experience you need for your project.

VSE Offers High-Quality Electronic Design and Manufacturing Services

With facilities in San Jose, CA and Reno, NV, VSE partners with the world’s leading innovators of technology to design and build their products. From design through manufacturing, see which of our services can be a benefit to you.

& Testing

At VSE, we have developed a sophisticated manufacturing and testing process that will ensure that your circuit board assemblies are built to your exact specifications. We have the capabilities to produce low- to medium-volume runs of a wide range of PCBA technologies that will meet and comply with stringent industry standards and regulations.

& Design

Having your circuit board assembled by VSE means that you also have the services of our skilled engineering and design teams at your disposal. Not only will we help your product meet design for manufacturing and testing (DFM & DFT) standards, but we can also handle additional engineering tasks that your products might need, including PCB layout, cable designs, and test development and integration.


At VSE, we have specialized teams in place that will handle your quick turnaround prototype builds. These are separate from our standard production lines, and allow your prototype to be completed in as little as three to five days. We understand that time moves quickly with new product launches, and we aim to satisfy the needs of quick-turn NPI and proof-of-concept boards.

Box Build Assembly

With more than 30 years of experience building electronic devices, we have the manufacturing expertise required for your box build. Our engineers and technicians will take your data and build the mechanical enclosure with the same level of quality we use when building your circuit boards. By having your project’s PCBAs and wire harnesses built concurrently along side of the enclosure, you can rest assured your box build will be a precise fit for all of your electronics.


At VSE, we understand the need for precision electronic interconnectivity. For over 30 years, we have been building your printed circuit board assemblies and electronic device box builds, and we understand better than most the importance of precision interconnects to marry these assemblies together. As such, we have made it our business to become the premium wire harness assembly company and cable assembly manufacturer for our customers.


Many PCB contract manufacturers can build your circuit boards, but at VSE we offer much more than just circuit board assembly. Whether you need our services to help you with schematic capture, PCB layout, mechanical design, or any other engineering services and documentation, we have the resources in place to help you. Let us know what services you need, and we can work together with you on your next project.




Your Designs Need the Skill and Attention That Only VSE Can Provide

Our commitment to quality combined with our years of experience will give you the final results that you need.

When your company is depending on a proof-of-concept board to be a home run, a prototype design that will wow customers and stakeholders alike, or a production run for a life-changing product that has no margin for error, you can’t afford to take a chance on your contract manufacturer. You need the best possible results with the highest commitment to quality and excellence.

VSE has the qualities you need in a contract manufacturer. We’ve been partnering with companies like yours for years, and we are ready to collaborate with you to ensure success on your next project.

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