Company Culture and Careers

Promoting a Successful Career in Electronics Manufacturing

Building high-quality electronics at VSE is only possible due to the skills, dedication, and efforts of the people who work here. We may have the best equipment, facilities, and manufacturing processes but couldn’t solder a single resistor without our talented team. We know that we can positively impact each other, our communities, and the world by working together. 

At VSE, we focus on hiring great people, not skills, because we have the tools to teach our employees everything they need to know for success. It’s our passion to create a nurturing environment where competency and skills can grow. This “growth mindset” creates a passion for learning and employees who are excited about their work. By doing this, everyone in the VSE family has the power to make a difference and unleash their full potential. 

Together we have made VSE one of the premier PCB contract manufacturers in Silicon Valley. We’d like to show you how VSE’s company culture and careers will enable a successful future in electronics manufacturing.

Our Purpose and Mission at Valley Services Electronics

Since 1981, VSE has been serving the needs of electronic innovators throughout Silicon Valley and beyond. Our company was founded on the principle of providing the best service to our customers through hard work and a commitment to excellence.

Our Mission

We bring life-changing and life-saving devices to market through our partnerships with world-leading innovators of technology.

As a team member of VSE, you will be working with diverse companies whose leadership in technology development is making a difference in our world today and paving the way towards a brighter future.

Our Focus

Valley Services Electronics Aims to Provide Value-Added Services for Excellence By:

  • Partnering with our customers, and making their goals our priority.
  • Providing comprehensive services for our customers from our engineering teams, to our manufacturing specialists.
  • Offering uncompromising quality to achieve zero defects in everything we produce for our customers.


Our Commitment to CARE Creates our Company Culture

Customer Focus

When we deliver a high-quality product to our customers, it reflects well on our entire company. Customer satisfaction is a point of pride for all our employees as they develop their careers in electronics manufacturing.



At VSE, our commitment to nurturing our employees’ careers and creating a work-life balance is a promise we take seriously. We expect our employees to hold us accountable as much as we do so with them. 



The same high level of respect that we show our customers is reflected in how we treat each other. This respect and mutual support are the foundation of our teamwork here at VSE.



A workplace culture of excellence begins with teamwork and collaboration. By supporting our employees in their personal pursuit of excellence, we align as a company in a collective goal of manufacturing high-quality products that we can all be proud of. 

Our mission, focus, and values have helped us meet the electronics industry’s needs by providing our customers the highest quality and service levels. Now, let’s look under the hood here at VSE because company culture is the engine that powers our achievements.

VSE Company Culture is the Heart of Valley Services Electronics

The building, equipment, and processes are the tools that we use to provide the best PCB assembly services to our customers, but the heart of our company is the people that bring those things together. We believe in creating a workplace environment where everyone feels valued, heard, and has a sense of belonging. VSE’s company culture includes much more than a paycheck, and we are proud of our staff’s competitive benefits package. Here is a snapshot of what it is like to work at VSE.


To attract and retain the best employees, we offer competitive pay and benefits packages. We understand that a healthy work-life balance includes taking the time to unplug and having the necessary security in place for health, family planning, and retirement. 

supply chain

Employee milestones:

Our employees’ achievements are our achievements, and we celebrate important milestones in their careers. Because of this, our technicians, engineers, administrative, and management teams all enjoy working together and continually look for new ways to improve the services we provide.  

Work-life balance:

Work-life balance is a central value within VSE’s company culture. We know that begins with scheduling flexibility to accommodate different lifestyles. We are a tight community and host regular company events and parties for holidays and important milestones. 

Community outreach:

Just as we value giving to our employees, we also know that it is essential for all of us at VSE to give back to our community. We encourage finding ways to give, and together as a company, participated in the Family Giving Tree and the Second Harvest food bank programs.

VSE Careers and Employment Opportunities

From our outstanding benefits to our opportunities for personal growth and advancement, the work-life balance here at VSE makes us an excellent choice for a career. Do you have an interest in taking a printed circuit board from design to fully manufactured and delivered to the customer? If so, take a look at our Valley Services Electronics career opportunities for job descriptions and how to apply.
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