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A PCB Contract Manufacturer with PCB Service Bureau Capabilities

There used to be a time when building a circuit board didn’t involve much in the way of design requirements. Those days are long gone, however, and to successfully assemble a PCB today requires designing the board to meet specific standards and tolerances. Some of these include incorporating high-speed design rules and constraints, as well as adhering to design for manufacturability (DFM) rules. To successfully design to all of these requirements requires engineering resources that every company can support.

At VSE we understand the position that companies like these are in, and if this describes the engineering resources at your company, we are proud to showcase the capabilities that we have to offer you. We have an engineering team that can handle everything from schematic capture to full PCB Layout. If your needs are as simple as design review, or as complex as creating a complete layout from scratch, we have the PCB service bureau resources that you need.

From Your Design Concept Through Schematic Capture

At VSE we understand the electronic design process that innovators like you go through. You have created your schematics based on the needs and requirements of the products that you are building, and our job is to make sure that your ideas are brought to life. To do this we have positioned ourselves to provide you with the highest quality engineering services. Whether the schematic you bring us is on paper, in electronic format, or even on the back of a napkin, our team is ready to deliver the following:

Schematic capture:

Our engineers will create detailed CAD schematics for your project complete with relevant CAD symbols and library development.

Preparation for Layout:

To synchronize with the PCB layout database, our engineers will review the schematic and prepare it with the correct layout constraints and data.

Schematic documentation:

We will finalize the schematic by formatting it for your documentation processes so that you have a trackable document complete with revision history for future changes.

If you need full engineering services or help with just a few designs, let our team help you out by doing that part of the job for you.

Professional PCB Layout Services

PCB layout is one of the most demanding processes of any circuit board design. There are different CAD platforms for different design technologies, and the engineers that use them have to be well versed in both the tools and the design requirements of the finished board. Maintaining and operating these systems involves a significant amount of overhead, which many companies aren’t able to support. Here at VSE, we understand this problem and are able to support our customers’ layout needs on a variety of design tools. Here are some of the PCB layout services that we can provide for you:

Design rules and constraints:

There’s a lot more to the trace width and spacing rules than just the minimal clearances for manufacturing. Many of your high-speed nets will require different rules in order to manage the signal integrity of the finished board. Our engineers understand the requirements that your design will need, and will make sure to incorporate those values into your PCB layout.

Place and route:

If it was easy, then everyone would be laying out circuit boards. The truth is though that there are many requirements that have to be met during component placement and trace routing for optimal signal performance. Our layout engineers have years of experience designing different technology circuit boards that will be applied to your PCB designs.

Design for assembly and test:

While the circuit board must be laid out for the best signal performance, it also needs to be designed for error-free manufacturing. This includes precise PCB footprint creation, component spacing and orientation for assembly and solderability, and testpoint placement for verification of the board’s functionality.

Our primary concern is that your board functions according to your specifications, and our layout engineers will ensure that it exceeds your expectations.

Ready to get started?

Mechanical Design Leading to Full System Creation

At VSE we understand that you aren’t in business to create designs, but instead, your goal is to build and market a complete product. That takes a lot of engineering, however, which not everyone is fully staffed to do. To help, we can also provide you with the services of our mechanical design team to fill in for these missing resources:

Mechanical design:

Our engineers have helped countless customers by designing everything from industrial control panels to full system rack assemblies depending on the need.

Box builds:

One of our specialties is building the complete system for our customers from the ground up. With both the PCB and the system enclosure being built under one roof, you can be assured that the two will work together perfectly.

Wire harnesses and cable assembly:

To avoid the problems of working with multiple vendors to build your system, we also offer the services of custom wire harness and cable assemblies. This way your entire system can be custom built and precisely fitted together here at VSE.

We support a number of mechanical design CAD software tools at VSE, and our mechanical teams have plenty of experience designing and building many different types of systems. We are ready to take your mechanical concepts and turn them into designs that we can build for you right here on our manufacturing floor.

Precision Engineering to Enhance Your Design Team

In some cases, our customers have their designs completed and just need a little help getting them ready for manufacturing. If you find yourself in this situation, take a look at the services that we have to compliment the work that you’ve already done:

Bill of materials (BOM) review:

We review the BOM of every board we build to make sure that there won’t be any problems with the components that are specified. In some cases, customers may not realize that they are using components that are not available or unnecessarily expensive. We can also take this to the next level and recommend alternative components or design changes to incorporate components that are more readily available.

Design for manufacturing (DFM) review:

All circuit boards are reviewed for manufacturability, and any problems we find will be forwarded on to the customer along with our recommended solutions. We can also incorporate those recommendations ourselves with the permission of the customer using our own layout resources. This saves you the time and effort needed to make changes to your design, and we will return the updated CAD files back to you for your archives.

Test and specialized assembly fixtures:

Our test engineers and manufacturing technicians have extensive experience building and working with test and assembly fixtures for the boards we build. If you need your board to be tested, or have specialized assembly needs but don’t have the bandwidth to create the appropriate fixture, VSE has you covered.

VSE: A Full-Service PCB Contract Manufacturer

You have an important task to complete, the creation of your product in order to bring it successfully to market. We understand that, and our goal is to partner with you to help you realize that goal. We can offer a lot of help, including managing the manufacturing of your product in order to free you up to focus on the critical task of product design and development.

Many PCB contract manufacturers can build your circuit boards, but at VSE we offer much more than just circuit board assembly. Whether you need our services to help you with schematic capture, PCB layout, mechanical design, or any other engineering services and documentation, we have the resources in place to help you. Let us know what services you need, and we can work together with you on your next project.

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