Your Neighborhood PCB Manufacturer in San Jose

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As a central city in Silicon Valley, San Jose represents a vision of the future in electronics. Products that have revolutionized the world and moment-to-moment experiences as we know them have sprung from the minds of some of the most brilliant local design teams. Its reputation over the last half-century alone has coalesced into a thriving and cutting–edge region, attracting people and businesses worldwide to tap into the success that permeates the area.

Of course, Bay Area designers need a PCB manufacturer in San Jose to transform their schematics and specifications into a final, physical product. Whether a design springs from an entrepreneurial team bringing its first product to market or a more established company in need of manufacturing, our San Jose NPI production facility is located locally to meet the demands of the electronics industry.

Your PCB Manufacturer in San Jose Saves Time With a Local Partner

In competitive markets, reducing prototyping time is key. A local contract manufacturer can provide an immediate quick-turn solution for Bay Area design companies. Located in San Jose, VSE’s assembly facility reduces the time in transit for your board and, coupled with our manufacturing partners, keeps your board close at hand.

The development process is one of the constant revisions – it’s a near-certainty that a board will encounter hurdles, accommodations, and updates as it travels from prototype to final design for market. With a more strategically located contract manufacturer, significant time savings can be recognized by removing shipping days. Moreover, clients enjoy the convenience of partnering with a facility in their backyard that’s readily available and accessible.

Services to Make Your Designs a Reality

Electronics have touched every corner of the industrialized sector, and the importance of a contract manufacturer that can handle the standards and regulations of a litany of fields is important. Engineers at VSE do more than just document review: they are active team members, ready to lend their industry-encompassing expertise to assist in design and optimization. As PCB design and manufacturing is an intense specialty topic, it’s our directive to offer directly or partner to provide the following services to meet your production needs:

  • PCB Service Bureau: Translates your electronic schematic into a board file with associated documentation for manufacturing. It also covers high-density interconnects that have become increasingly common as design complexity has risen in recent years.
  • Manufacturing and Testing Analysis: A review stage that determines any possible areas of improvement to reduce turnaround time or increase yield.
  • Prototyping: Manufacturing for small lots with expected revision or testing to follow.
  • Specialty Services: Box builds, and cable harness wirings can be combined with board design and manufacturing to reduce the number of stops for your board.
  •  Assembly: Our turnkey service serves as the final manufacturing stage of PCB manufacturing, where components are joined to the bare board fabrication.

Your Local Contract Manufacturer Makes Navigating NPI Fabrication a Cinch

Bringing your product to life takes professional knowledge from a wide range of fields. Here at VSE, we’ve built a team of engineers whose sole mission is to design and manufacture electronics to meet client’s needs for PCB manufacturing in San Jose. Our team is committed to providing your design with exemplary service and dedication. Paired with our new high-volume Reno production facility, we grow right alongside your product.

If you are looking for a CM that prides itself on its care and attention to detail to ensure that each PCB assembly is built to the highest standards, look no further than VSE. Contact us today to learn more about partnering with us for your next project.