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When Electronics Material Shortage in PCB Assembly Affects Your Production

PCB manufacturing requires raw materials for circuit board fabrication and electronic components for final assembly. Currently, the industry is experiencing shortages in both materials and components, and these shortages have a significant effect on the production of printed circuit boards. Here is a closer examination of the ongoing electronics material shortage in PCB assembly and what you can do to protect yourself.


Sustainable Electronics Materials and Manufacturing Utilizing Green Technology

Printed circuit boards can now be manufactured using green technology lead-free solder to protect against these hazardous materials. Not only is this a more environmentally friendly option, but it also complies with the restriction of hazardous substances (RoHS) regulations mandated for electronics sold in Europe. Here are more details on these sustainable electronics materials and processes in use by local PCB contract manufacturers.

Semi Conductor

Why is There a Semiconductor Shortage and How We Work Around It

This shortage has become a hot topic lately, especially for design engineers creating new electronic equipment, and two critical questions are being raised. Why is there a semiconductor shortage, and how can we work around it? We’re going to look at this problem in greater detail and give you some suggestions on preparing for it, so your next PCB design doesn’t come up short on parts.

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How To Find Replacement Electronic Components For Your Projects

It would be ideal if electronic components never failed, never became obsolete, or were never too expensive or unavailable. Sadly, that is not the case. Any or all of those conditions can cause PCB design’s parts to need replacing. Since this problem is unavoidable, here are some different ways to find replacement electronic components and simplify that process.

EOL Components: How to Plan for Component Obsolescence

Component Availability In Production: Solutions for Challenging Times

There’s a lot of concern right now about the electronic component supply shortages stemming from the global pandemic of 2020. The automobile industry is already feeling the effects of the semiconductor shortage, and many other industries are beginning to report problems. The questions on everyone’s mind now are: What is the status of component availability in production for the parts I need? How can I guard against being adversely affected by this shortage? We’ll look at these questions and address how you can keep the production of your circuit boards running without any delays.