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PCB Beveling for Edge Connectors

PCB Conformal Coating: When to Protect Your Boards

The strategy of using a protective covering is not limited to combat tactics and can also help in protecting electronics. For years, mission-critical circuit boards operating in extremely stressful and harsh environments have benefited from a protective coating. Now, more consumer electronics are considering applying a conformal coating to their PCBs. Here we’ll look at what PCB conformal coating is and when you should consider using it to protect your sensitive electronics.


Industrial PCB Design Rules

Industrial circuit boards are typically used in applications that require high power levels to drive motors or other heavy-duty equipment. Because of these power requirements, the layout rules and constraints are different than what would be used to layout a low-power IoT device. Here we’ll look at some of the differences with this type of circuit board layout technology and what designers need to understand about industrial PCB design rules.