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PCB Material Management for High-Frequency Applications Best Practices

Proper materials management is essential in all aspects of our lives, from cooking ingredients to choosing the right paint colors for a house. It’s also crucial in manufacturing printed circuit boards, especially when those PCBs are operating at high frequencies. Here are some PCB material management for high-frequency considerations to keep in mind for your next design.


Benefits of PCB Functional Testing Methods with Your Contract Manufacturing Partner

There are many different tests and inspections that a circuit board will go through during manufacturing. Some of these tests are designed to catch specific problems or conditions, while others are more general. All testing culminates with the final functional test to ensure that the board is ready to operate. This article will examine these different tests and explore the benefits of PCB functional testing methods.


The Importance of PCB Stackup Design in Your Next Project Layout

In PCB design, it isn’t uncommon for junior designers to quickly throw components into a layout to move to the “fun” part of routing the traces. With PCB design, as with bridges, all the work can be wasted effort if the substrate isn’t designed correctly. Therefore, it is essential first to configure the layer stackup of the board to support the needs of the design. Here are some more details about the importance of PCB stackup design and what to be aware of before going into the layout.


Methods for Failure Analysis in Circuit Board Systems

Circuit boards have an analysis process they can go through when they suffer a failure. Although a PCB failure doesn’t command the same amount of attention as an accident, it is still essential to understanding the error and preventing it from happening again. Here is a closer look at failure analysis in circuit board systems to better understand this aspect of PCB design and development.