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Common Printed Circuit Board Problems: Fabrication

The production of a high-quality bare fab circuit board is essential to the successful assembly of the final product. We’re going to start with some of the differences you can expect between different circuit board fabrication shops and how to choose between them. Then we will explore some of the more common circuit board problems with fabrication and what you can do to ensure the highest quality in your next PCB project.


Guide to PCB Grounding Techniques

“Ground” can serve many purposes in electronic design, including a physical connection to the earth, a reference point in a circuit for measuring voltages, and a common return path for signals and power. In PCB layout, the way ground is conducted through the board is critical for power and signal integrity. Designers must follow some specific guidelines to ensure the best performance of the completed board. To help, here is a guide to PCB grounding techniques for your next circuit board design.


Common Printed Circuit Board Problems: Components

This next part of the series will examine the problems surrounding the selection and use of components in PCB designs. Not only do designers need to carefully select the parts that will best serve the needs of the design, but there are also a host of supply chain issues to keep in mind. By examining these issues, you will be more equipped to resolve some of the common circuit board problems involving components.

signal integrity

PCB Grounding in Mixed-Signal Design Expectations

Through the years, there have been many attempts to enhance circuit board signal integrity by altering the ground planes, but that often isn’t the best solution. This article will look at the problems with different ground plane configurations and some of the better alternatives. We will also list some recommendations to help with the layout of PCB grounding in mixed-signal designs.


Common Printed Circuit Board Problems: Design

In this first of a multi-article series on circuit board problems, we will look at some of the common issues associated with a PCB design. Later articles will explore the different issues related to printed circuit boards in various aspects of their manufacturing. However, a circuit board begins with its design and layout. Therefore, here are some common printed circuit board problems in design to know to avoid manufacturing delays.


Mixed-Signal Power Supply Design Considerations

One area of the circuit board design that engineers need to pay close attention to is the layout of the integrated power supply circuitry. If not laid out correctly, the power will not be managed, creating severe problems for the board. Here we will look at some of the requirements and tactics for mixed-signal power supply design that will be helpful in your next PCB layout.