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analog PCB layout guidelines

PCB vs. PCBA: From Bare Board To Final Assembly

I wrote a letter to a former teacher the other day, and given his impact on my career, I wanted to ensure I presented myself well. I used online tools to smooth over spelling and grammatical errors, but upon a reread, I realized I had used some imprecise (yet roughly synonymous) language. Most wouldn’t notice…


Mixed-Signal PCB Design Best Practices

While smaller and more powerful electronics delight users, engineering these marvels can challenge the printed circuit board designer. Electronics used to contain multiple boards for digital processing, power supply, and analog functions, but that functionality typically packs into one dense PCB design in today’s devices. Analog circuitry takes sensory inputs and converts them into digital…


HASL – Hot Air Solder Leveling Surface Finish

PCB manufacturing is divisible into two primary stages: fabrication and assembly. The surface finish process inextricably links them together, ensuring sufficient bonding between the bare board and the components for continuous performance and extended reliability. PCB surface finishes come in many flavors, but HASL is the most prominent for non-consumer devices: as an extension of…