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Design Considerations for Partitioning and Layout of a Mixed-Signal PCB

In a perfect layout, we wouldn’t ever mix digital and analog signals. However, the majority of circuit boards require both sections of circuitry. The analog section prepares signals for digitizing, and the digital section converts those signals into digital forms to be acted on by the rest of the board’s circuitry. To accommodate this mixture means designing layouts to avoid the signal integrity problems that mixed-signal boards can create. Here are some considerations for partitioning and layout of a mixed-signal PCB that can help get the best performance out of both the analog and digital sections of the board.

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Benefits of a PCB Contract Manufacturing Company and Supply Chain Management

It’s a fact that experts can make our lives a lot easier if we choose to use their services. Take a printed circuit board contract manufacturer, for instance. Not only do these companies excel in building circuit boards, but they have a great deal of expertise when it comes to sourcing parts and materials for PCBs. Here is some information about PCB contract manufacturing company supply chain expertise.

PCB Beveling for Edge Connectors

The Importance of PCBs in Developing Technology: From Domestic to Industrial

Cell phones are only one example of how circuit board design and manufacturing advancements support the latest in new technologies. In domestic and industrial applications, the demand for next-generation features and functionality requires more circuit board designers than ever before. Let’s take a look at some of the applications where the importance of PCBs in developing technology is crucial and how PCB designers can best meet these new challenges.


The Four Best Practices for Organizing Your CAD System Drawings

One of the main causes of disorganization is the multiple files that any CAD system will generate. Without an organized file system in place that is used consistently, CAD files can quickly become overwhelming piles of lost treasures. To help, here are some best practices for organizing your CAD system that I’ve used over the years to keep myself out of trouble.