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Exploring the PCB Prototype Design Process

When it comes to cooking and baking, one often hears the delineation: the former is an art, while the latter is a science. If that’s true, consider me a jazz musician in the kitchen – I work from mental fragments of recipes, adjusting the quantity based on what’s on hand and substituting items with impunity. This strategy allows for significant tinkering with cooking time, spices, and ingredients, allowing me to construct a dish as I see fit and as tastes evolve.


PCB Testing Methods to Validate Manufacturing

A board has passed through the final assembly process and culminated in a finalized, realized product that is likely months of combined design from engineering through manufacturing. While this stage represents a significant milestone, there is still apprehension about whether the board will pass through quality assurance. In reality, the board has already moved through some critical checkpoints to reach this stage. However, there are still numerous tests before a board is considered ready to ship.


PCB Rapid Prototyping to Get to Market Faster

Designing a board may be challenging, but even more so getting a product successfully to market. Competition is fierce in any field, and established companies can commit millions to firms that assuage consumers’ interest in features. In the event of competing releases, perhaps there is no more relevant adage than “the early bird gets the worm”: except for drastic performance or price differences, most customers will flock to what’s available when it’s available.


PCB Layout Steps to Maximize Performance

When packing a bag for a backcountry trip, I juggle numerous essentials necessary to survive, prepare, and avoid overload. It’s impossible to balance a “perfect” solution – overpack and I’m miserable, pack too restrictive, and I’m flirting with life-or-death situations. It turns out that the best method comes from making reasonable trade-offs, such as researching the weather to determine how necessary rain or low-temperature gear might be.


PCB Quality Checklist for Error-Free Manufacturing

When prepping for a backpacking trip, list-making is the first tool I turn to for organization. By running through and ensuring that every item is present and gear has been checked and functioning as intended, I can relax rather than worry. After all, there’s nothing quite like being 10,000 feet above sea level and several miles from civilization (or even the next closest human) to realize you overlooked something.

The characteristic impedance of transmission lines starts with the board stackup.

Top Recommendations for Automotive Printed Circuit Board Design

No device represents the next big thing better than the self-driving car for consumer technology. It was conceived as an end to the monotony of the work commute and sold as a revolutionary product that is quickly making gains with advances in computer vision. Computer vision is driven by harnessing data from onboard sensors. While devices have become more sophisticated, the core to solving the problem (and many similar issues across a bevy of industries) relies on enhanced communication.