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AOI Testing for High-Volume PCB Production

At any given moment, our brains can unconsciously process complex data streams through different senses. To avoid maxing out our bandwidth, most of what we perceive passes through without notice – think of how distracted we would be if every sensation were registered.


PCB Visual Inspection: The Importance of MVI

Visual stimuli dominate most people’s modes of information acquisition, allowing the absorption and filtration of pertinent data from our environment in a highly rapid manner. So much of our communication is tied up with our sight that we have developed languages and methods to transfer nonverbal ideas.


Creating Malleable Assemblies with Flex PCB Edge Connectors

Unlike consumer electronics which are highly fungible due to rapid advancements in technology and market forces, a PCB installation may be intended to last for several years, or even a decade depending on its role. The stress/strain on any cables in the fixture can imperil long-term reliability and, ultimately, baseline functionality if not properly accounted for.