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component supply chain

Benefits of Reshoring Electronic Manufacturing

There are countless examples throughout human history of how using the wrong tool for the job can make the job harder. A perfect example: most people have tried to use a slotted screwdriver in a Phillips head (or vice versa) at least once. However, this universal law extends far beyond hand tools; it can also be applied to building printed circuit boards.


Autonomous and Electric: PCB Design for Automotive Projects

I am fond of the boxy car bodies of the 80s and 90s. Call it nostalgia, but seeing one of those beauties rolling down the highway with its lack of aerodynamics puts a smile on my face. Beyond the aesthetic value, I’m terrible at working on cars, and the less complicated it is under the hood, the better I can troubleshoot any issues


PCB Cable Assembly: Wiring For Production

I was tasked with putting together a bookshelf a few months ago. I thought it would be simple enough until I realized the documentation provided was for a completely different piece of furniture! Thankfully, most pieces were unique enough that I could slowly work through trial and error by referencing the images on the box.


How to Design a PCB for Manufacturing

During the testing stage, if you discover issues like unwanted signals interfering with the
device’s operation, components consuming more power, or overheating, there is likely some error in design. The late-stage discovery of these errors can mean an irreplaceable impact on manufacturing cost, product quality, and device performance.


PCB Quality Standards: Manufacturing to IPC Standards

As board materials pass through production, how does a manufacturer know whether a board is performing suitably and as expected? Depending on the techniques, materials, equipment, labor, and components, PCB manufacturing can incur high costs per panel. It is in a shop’s best interest to sniff out defects and failures early.


Automated PCB Testing for Speed and Reliability

I used to check my physics equations by hand in college, despite powerful solvers available to me with a few clicks and keystrokes. It may have been an appreciation for the process work or plain stubbornness. Either way, whenever my solution didn’t match the author’s, I needed to know that my errors weren’t conceptual or algebraic.