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Electronic Enclosure Design

“It’s what’s on the inside that counts” is a message many of us are taught at a young age, and it is an important one. Why? Often, the inner workings of something (be that a person or object) is more important than anything external.


Improve Compliance with PCB Shielding Cans

In an attempt to solve a problem, have you ever come up with an even worse solution? New designers and engineers may suffer from missing the forest for the trees. In this scenario, they become so laser-focused on solving a particular problem that they fail to account for how the solution fits into the overall design landscape.


Design for Manufacturing Guidelines: Concept to Product

In popular media, manufacturing often gets the short stick regarding inventions. How many stories have you seen where the genius idea becomes reality without so much as a montage? Now there’s certainly an egalitarian nature to an idea – anyone can have one after all – and some of the most engrossing stories are framed around an average person with that one-in-a-million proposal.


Designing a PCB Faraday Cage

Most people are familiar with Benjamin Franklin’s famous kite experiment, but most may not know his early forays into electricity extended far beyond that. Franklin worked with early capacitor technology. He correctly hypothesized that electricity was not composed of two separate “electrical fluids” but a single “fluid” of a positive and a negative element.