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PCB layout constraints

PCB DFM: Optimizing Designs

By taking a look at some of the PCB DFM guidelines that you should be considering, you’ll see how those considerations can help you choose the contract manufacturer to partner with for your next PCBA prototype.


Via Stitching vs. Shielding – What’s the Difference?

Vias are a fundamental component of PCB design, allowing designers to route vertically and connect layers of the board without any wiring or assembly. Inherent to this ability to tie points on multiple layers together, vias can also offer a highly flexible method of improving performance relating to EMI and current density that can be…


ODB++ – PCB Artwork Format

PCB production requires a host of manufacturing files that communicate the intricacies of the design straightforwardly. Part of this process involves the CAM designer or department that adjusts the copper layer as necessary to avoid defects or poor manufacturability. ODB++ is one of the two primary artwork file types – along with Gerber – that…

pcb soldering

Wave Soldering: Placement Guidelines

Although you’ve seen it on TV, there is no comparison to being part of a “wave” at a sporting event. Not only does the wave look really impressive as it makes its way around the stadium towards you, but you also end up feeling like you’ve contributed in a small way to a greater whole.…