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Why is Copper Thieving Used in PCB Development?

Interestingly enough, the word “thief” is used in printed circuit board design as well, and it also relates to deftly stealing something covertly. In this case, however, we are talking about the theft of copper during circuit board fabrication, and the skill of this burglary is actually very important to the manufacturing of your circuit board. Does that sound like a wanted poster that you would be interested to find out more about? If so, then keep reading, and we’ll discuss copper thieving in PCB design and its importance to you.

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How are PCB Vias Plated?

Merriam-Webster reports that a “via” is either, “by way of,” or “by means of.” Come to think of it, that describes the purpose of a via in a PCB pretty well. An electrical signal is conducted by way of and by means of this small hole called a via. Let’s drill down a little deeper into this subject and find out more about what vias are, and answer the question of just how are PCB vias plated.

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How Your CM Can Help with Electronic Component Lifecycle Management

Tracking these details can add an overwhelming amount of work to the already busy schedule of a PCB designer. Fortunately, though, there are resources available that can help you with these tasks, and those experts are component engineers. Let’s take a look at how the component engineers at your PCB contract manufacturer can help you through the complexities of electronic component lifecycle management.

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EMI/EMC Standards for Medical Devices

Just as the design of a boat will determine its use for water sports, how electronics are designed will also determine if they can be used in medical applications. Specifically, there are standards for electromagnetic interference (EMI) that have to be tested for in order to meet the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) requirements of the medical devices. It is very important that medical equipment not be disrupted from the operation of other electronics like cell phones, and these standards ensure that.