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A Brief Introduction to PCB Layout Design Rules

To help designers create functional and manufacturable circuit boards, the PCB design software creators will include a variety of design rules and constraints in their tools. The appearance and use of these constraints will vary quite a bit from tool to tool, but their purpose is always the same, to help you to design a better circuit board. Here are some ideas on how to set up and work with these rules.

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Sourcing Electronic Components: How To Make Sure Your Supplier is Authentic

Over the past several years, our confidence in the quality of the parts used has been violated by counterfeit parts’ proliferation on the market. The flood of counterfeits has required extra diligence in sourcing electronic components to ensure that what is purchased is the real McCoy and will work as expected when installed on a PCB. Here are some tips on how to ensure the components you are working with are genuine.

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Guide to High-Speed Routing Techniques Best Practices

The circuit boards we design also require extra effort when laying them out for high-speed circuitry. Sensitive nets must be routed according to specific high-speed rules and many other high-speed design requirements that must be followed. These include everything from how the schematic is organized to the placement of the components. We will look at all of this as we discuss the high-speed routing techniques to help you cross the finish line with your next PCB design.

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Counterfeit Electronic Components: How to Identify and Avoid Them

Counterfeiting problems in electronics go far beyond batteries, extending all across the industry. Not only do these pseudo parts potentially damage the quality of the products that they are used in, but they are also a severe drain on the legitimate component industry. The best defense against a problem like this is to expose it and discover ways to prevent its spread. Here is information on counterfeit electronic components and what you can do to protect yourself.